47th (London) Infantry Division

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For the equivalent formation in World War I, see 47th (1/2nd London) Division.
2nd London Division[1]
47th (London) Infantry Division[1]
47th Infantry (Reserve) Division
Active 1939–1946
Country  United Kingdom
Branch  British Army
Type Infantry
Size Division
William Ramsden
Sir Gerald Templer

The 2nd London Division was a 2nd Line Territorial Army (TA) infantry division of the British Army, duplicate of the 1st London Division, during the Second World War. On 21 November 1940, the division was renamed as the 47th (London) Infantry Division.[1]

The formation patch depicted two bells tied with a bow (Bow Bells of London).[2]


Infantry training at the 47th Division School of Battle Drill at Lymington near Southampton, Hampshire, 11 March 1942. The troops are seen advancing between the backs of houses and a railway line.

The division was formed in the Territorial Army as a 2nd Line duplicate of the 1st London Division. In September 1939 it was organized as a Motor Division; however it was reorganized as an Infantry Division in June 1940, with the addition of the 25th Infantry Brigade. On 21 November 1940 it was redesignated as the 47th (London) Infantry Division. On 1 September 1944 it was redesignated as 47th Infantry (Reserve) Division became a reserve division, in which capacity it remained through the rest of the war. The division remained in the United Kingdom throughout the Second World War.


The following officers commanded 47th Division during the war:

Order of battle[edit]

4th London Infantry Brigade
5th London Infantry Brigade
6th London Infantry Brigade
25th Infantry Brigade (from 25 June 1940)

Divisional Troops

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