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AEL B.C. logo
Nickname Vasilissa Tou Kampou
(Queen of The Lowland)
Founded 1928
History Gymnastikos S. Larissas
(1928 – 2006)
AEL 1964 GS
(2006 – 2009)
G.S. Olympia Larissas
(2009 – 2010)
AEL 1964
(2010 – Present)
Arena Larissa Neapolis Arena
Arena Capacity 6,500[1]
Location Larissa, Greece
Team colors Maroon and White
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Website Eurobasket.com
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Home jersey
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Team colours
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Away jersey
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Team colours

A.E.L. 1964 B.C. (Greek: Α.Ε.Λ. 1964 K.A.E.) is a Greek professional basketball team.

The club is located in Larissa, Greece, a city that is part of the Thessaly periphery, and has a population of around 250,000 people. The team is a part of the AEL 1964 multi-sports club. When the team competed in the top-tier Greek League, they played their home games at the Neapolis Arena.


The Greek basketball club Gymnastikos S. Larissas was founded in Larissa in 1928. In 2006, Gymnastikos merged with the multi-sports club of AEL 1964, which did not have a basketball section at the time. Gymnastikos' basketball team then became the new basketball section for AEL 1964, under the new name of AEL 1964 GS, with the newly merged club retaining all of the rights and history of the original club, GS Larissas.

In 2009, AEL 1964 GS then merged with another basketball club from Larissa, Olympia Larissa, to form GS Olympia Larissas. GS Olympia Larissas finished last in the Greek Basket League 2009–10 season, and that combined with financial problems, caused it to be relegated down to the Greek lower divisions. As a result, in 2010, the two clubs of AEL 1964 and Olimpia Larissa separated back from each other, after having merged.

AEL then continued on for the 2010-11 season, under the name of AEL 1964, playing in the Greek lower divisions. In 2011, Olimpia Larissa then restarted up its basketball program. A new independent club based on the original Gymnastikos S. Larissas basketball section, called Nea Gymnastikos S. Larissas, was also formed in 2011. This was because 5 years time had passed since the original Gymnastikos club had merged with AEL 1964, and in the original merger agreement it allowed for another new club to form locally using the Gymnastikos name and logo after 5 years had passed.

Club names[edit]

  • Gymnastikos S. Larissas: (1928–2006)
    Team Colors: Green and White
  • AEL 1964 GS: (2006–2009)
    Team Colors: Maroon and White
    AEL 1964 era logo (2006–2009, 2010–Present).
  • G.S. Olympia Larissas: (2009–2010)
    Team Colors: Orange and Green
    G.S. Olympia Larissas era logo (2009–2010).
  • AEL 1964: (2010–Present)
    Team Colors: Maroon and White

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The team featured NBA players like:

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