A Fine, Windy Day

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A Fine, Windy Day
A Fine, Windy Day.jpg
Poster to A Fine, Windy Day (1980)
Revised Romanization Barambuleo joheun nal
McCune–Reischauer Param purŏ choŭn nal
Directed by Lee Jang-ho
Produced by Lee Woo-suk
Written by Lee Jang-ho
Choi Il-nam
Starring Ahn Sung-ki
Kim Seong-chan
Lee Yeong-ho
Music by Kim Do-hyang
Cinematography Seo Jeong-min
Edited by Kim Hee-su
Distributed by Dong A Exports Co.
Release date
  • November 27, 1980 (1980-11-27)
Running time
113 minutes
Country South Korea
Language Korean

A Fine, Windy Day (Hangul바람 불어 좋은 날; RRBarambuleo joheun nal) is a 1980 South Korean film written and directed by Lee Jang-ho.


The lives of three young working-class male friends are followed in the film. Chun-shik works at a barbershop where he is in love with Miss Yu, a co-worker. Gil-nam, a hotel worker, is in love with Jin-ok, who works at a hair salon. Duk-bae, the most innocent of the trio, works at a Chinese restaurant and is torn between his affections for a factory-worker and Myung-hi, a wealthy girl. Together over drinks, the three young men talk over their lives and their aimless thoughts about the future. At the end of the film they are separated when Chun-shik is arrested for assault, and Gil-nam leaves to begin his military service.[1]



Grand Bell Awards (1980)[2]
Baeksang Arts Awards (1981)


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