Choi Bool-am

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Choi Bool-am
Choi Bool-am from acrofan.jpg
Born (1940-06-15)June 15, 1940 (age 75)
Incheon, Korea
Occupation Actor
Years active 1970–present
Korean name
Hangul 최불암
Revised Romanization Choe Bul-am
McCune–Reischauer Ch'oe Puram
Birth name
Hangul 최영한
Revised Romanization Choe Yeong-han
McCune–Reischauer Ch'oe Yŏnghan

Choi Bool-am (born June 15, 1940) is a South Korean actor and a professor.[1][2][3]


Choi was born in the neighborhood of Geumgok-dong (ko), Dong-gu, Incheon, Korea in 1940. Choi was the only son to his father Choi Cheol, a business man, and his mother Lee Myeong-suk who was a daughter of a royal pharmacist of the Korean Empire. Choi Cheol suddenly died when Choi was 8 years old and entered Sinheung Elementary School in Incheon. Choi moved to Seoul to attend Jungang Middle School. Choi was drawn to theater as he entered a theater club at Jungang High School. Choi established directing experiences while at Seorabeol Art College. He entered Hanyang University in 1960. Before graduation, Choi starred in several plays. Choi was recruited as a KBS TV actor in 1976, and entered stardom with the role of Kim Jongseo in the drama series, Prince Suyang.[4][5]


*Note; the whole list is referenced.[6]

Year English title Korean title Romanization Role Director
Princess Hours
She's on Duty Jam bok geun moo
Shit Up! Kkabuljima
Armageddon Amagedon
Broken Children Banjjog a-ideul
Dangerous Scent Married Couple Wiheomhan hyang-gi Bubu
Our Joyful Young Days Gippeun wuri jeolmeun-nal
Chun-hi Chunhui
Three Times Each for Short and Long Ways Sebeon-eun jjalbge sebeon-eun gilge
Good Windy Day Balambul-eo joh-eun nal
The Last Witness Choehu-ui jeung-in
Son of a Man Salam-ui adeul
Run Towards Tomorrow Nae-il-eul hyanghae dallyeola
Thoughtless Mo-mo Momoneun cheolbuji
Man-suk, Run! Dallyeola Manseok-a
Romance Gray Romance gray
King Sejong the Great *Sejongdae-wang
Unsettling Afternoon Hwicheonggeolineun ohu
Crazy For You Jinjja jinjja joh-ahae
Arirang-A Alilang-a
The Door Mun
Wang Sib Ri, My Hometown Wangsibli
Kan-Nan Gannan-i
Graduating Students Jol-eobsaeng
Family Gajog
Rocking Horse And A Girl Mogma-wa sugnyeo
Mother Eomeoni
Love Of Blood Relations Hyeol-yug-ae
I Really Have A Dream. Jeongmal kkum-i issdagu
Counting Stars In A Night Sky. Byeolhana Nahana
The 49th Day After Death 49je
End of An Affair Aejong
Lust Yogmang
Red Shoes Ppalgan gudu
A Spy Remaining Behind anlyucheobja
Yeong-ja's Heydays Yeongja-ui jeonseongsidae
Chun-Ja's Love Story Chunja-ui salang-i-yagi
Chang-Su's Heydays Changsu-ui jeonseongsidae
Blue jean Cheongbaji
The Unforgettables Ij-eul suneun eobsgessji
Hwannyeo Hwannyeo
Transgression Pagye
Gypsy in my mind Ma-eum-ui jipsi
A White handkerchief Ha-yan sonsugeon
Testimony Jeung-eon
Married on the bull Hwangsotago sijib-wassne
Father Bu
An age of maiden Cheonyeosijeol
Young ones Balam-a guleum-a
With my love forever Eonjena nimgwa hamkke
Non Gae, the Kisaeng Nongae
An Jung-Geun, the Patriot Uisa An Junggeun
One to One Ildae-il
A wonderful life Meosjin insaeng
Looking for sons and daughters Adeul ttal chaj-a cheonligil
A student of life Insaeng-yuhagsaeng
Say Goodbye Like a Man Sana-i meosjin ibyeol
Burning revenge Bultaneun bogsu
I'm your family Na-ege jogeon-eun eobsda
What happened that night Geunalbam saenggin il
Scamp in Hanyang Han-yanggeondal
The Evening Bell Manjong
Friendship of Hope Nae-il-issneun ujeong
What's the Use of Crying Ulgineun wae ul-eo
Nobody Knows Amudo moleuge
The Sun Never Gets Old Tae-yang-eun neulgji anhneunda
Madam Freedom Jayu Buin
Enuch Naesi
The Wings of Lee Sang Lee Sang-ui Nalgae
Vega Jiknyeoseong
Female Bandits Yeo Majeok
Light and Shadow Bitgwa Geurimja



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