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Rabbi Abba bar Memel (or Abba b. Memel [1] or Abba b. Mamal;[2] Hebrew: רבי אבא בר ממל or אבא מר ממל) was a Jewish Amora sage of the Land of Israel of the second and third generation of the Amoraic era.

R. bar Memel is mentioned often in discussions with the Amora sages of Tiberias Beit Midrash, headed by R. Yochanan bar Nafcha [3] and his students, R. Abbahu, R. Eleazar ben Pedat,[4] and his main scholarly opponent, Rav Zeira.[5] He is also mentioned along with Rabbi Ammi [6] and Rabbi Assi [7] who were considered his masters, probably after the death of R. Yochanan bar Nafcha.


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