Jeremiah (III)

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For the 1st-generation Amora sage of the Land of Israel, see Jeremiah (I).
For the 3rd-generation Amora sage of the Land of Israel, see Jeremiah (II).
For the 2nd-generation and 3rd-century Amora sage of Babylon, see Jeremiah b. Abba.

R. Yirmeyah (or R. Jeremiah (iii) or Jeremiah ben Abba;[1] Hebrew: רבי ירמיה‎, read as Rabbi Yirmeyah) was a prominent Jewish Amora sage of the Land of Israel, of the fourth generation of the Amora era (4th century). He was born in Babylon and made Aliyah to the Land of Israel while he was still young. In The Land of Israel he learned under R. Yochanan bar Nafcha's disciples, mainly under Rav Zeira. He stood out with his many questions, many of which that were left unanswered. In the Talmud it is storied that he was once ejected from a Beth Midrash because of his questions concerning border line cases that required accuracy on determining the exact definition of the border line. His exceptional questions gained publicity, and some use the phrase a Jeremiah question to refer to rare or out of the ordinary questions. After he was taken out of the Beth Midrash, the prominent sages of the generation sent him Halakhahic questions, and his answers made them decide to return him back to the Beth Midrash. Yirmeyah was known for his love of the Land of Israel, and used to denounce the Babylonians. His Beth Midrash was located in Tiberias.

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