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Family name
Meaning "Son of Adam"
Region of origin England, Scotland and Israel
Related names MacAdam (in Scotland and Ireland)
Footnotes: [1][2]

Adams is a common surname of English, Scottish and Jewish origin, meaning "son of Adam".[2]

People with the surname Adams[edit]

Politics and law[edit]


Literature and journalism[edit]

  • Bristow Adams (1875–1957), American journalist, forester, professor, illustrator
  • Brooks Adams (1848–1927), American historian and a critic of capitalism
  • Cecil Adams, pseudonym of author(s) of a syndicated question-and-answer column, The Straight Dope
  • Douglas Adams (1952–2001), British comic radio dramatist and writer, author of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series
  • Eddie Adams (1933–2004), American photojournalist
  • Francis Adams (writer) (1862–1893), Australian essayist, poet, dramatist, novelist and journalist
  • Franklin Pierce Adams (1881–1960), American columnist (under the pen name F.P.A.), writer, and wit
  • Hannah Adams (1755-1831), American historian and theologian
  • Harriet Adams (1892-1982), American novelist and publisher
  • Henry Brooks Adams (1838–1918), American historian, journalist, and novelist
  • Matthew Adams (died 1753), American writer
  • Phillip Adams (born 1939), Australian broadcaster, columnist
  • Poppy Adams, British television director/producer and novelist
  • Richard Adams (born 1920), British novelist, author of Watership Down and The Plague Dogs
  • R.J.Q. Adams (born 1943), American historian and professor
  • Roy Adams (born 1940), Canadian author, newspaper columnist, human rights activist, and academic
  • Samuel Hopkins Adams (1871–1958), American journalist and short story writer


Art and photography[edit]

  • Ansel Adams (1902–1984), American photographer
  • Art Adams (born 1963), American comic book artist
  • Charles Adams (1912-2008), British photographer, London UK[3]
  • Clinton Adams (1918–2002), American painter and lithographer
  • Herbert Adams (1858–1945), American sculptor
  • J. Ottis Adams (1851–1927), American Impressionist painter
  • Mark Adams (born 1949), New Zealand photographer
  • Neal Adams (born 1941), American comic book artist
  • Robert Adams (born 1937), American photographer
  • John F. Adams (watercolorist) (born 1956), American painter
  • Scott Adams (born 1957), cartoonist and creator of the Dilbert comic strip
  • Theo Adams (born 1989), British performance artist

Drama and television[edit]


Science, medicine, and engineering[edit]



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