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Adventist Health
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TypeOperates health care facilities in California, Hawaii, Oregon and Washington

Adventist Health is a not-for-profit health care organization of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Its headquarters are in Roseville, California. In 2018 it had 19 hospitals in California, Hawaii, Oregon, and Washington.[1]

Despite similar names, it is not affiliated with Maryland-based Adventist HealthCare, or the Florida-based AdventHealth.


In the 1960s, the General Conference transferred ownership of the hospitals in the United States to the local conferences. In 1972, the General Conference centralized the management of its healthcare facilities, creating Adventist Health Systems.[2] The conferences then transferred the hospitals to the system, creating the entities Northwest Medical Foundation, and Adventist Health Services at the union level.[2] In 1980 they merged creating Adventist Health System/West, which changed its name to Adventist Health in 1995.[2] The headquarters for Adventist Health used to be in Los Angeles.[2] But Adventist Health worried about the smaller hospitals being neglected, so the headquarters were moved to Roseville, California in 1982. In 1985 a new headquarters was built in Roseville.[2]


Adventist Health oversees the operations of 22 hospitals:

  • Adventist Health Bakersfield is a 255-bed acute-care facility serving the city of Bakersfield and outlying communities of Kern County. It is staffed by 496 affiliated physicians, 1,204 employees and 141 volunteers.[3]
  • Adventist Health Castle is a 160-bed medical center located in Windward Oahu. It is staffed by 234 physicians, 1,053 associates and 180 volunteers.[3]
  • Adventist Health Clear Lake is a 25-bed Critical Access Hospital in Clearlake, California, serving Lake County. It is staffed by 47 full-time physicians covering 18 medical specialties, 362 employees and 40 volunteers.[3]
  • Adventist Health Feather River is a 101-bed acute-care hospital serving Paradise, California and its neighboring communities. It is staffed by 1,108 employees, 362 volunteers and 145 physicians.[3]
  • Adventist Health Glendale is a 457-bed medical center providing comprehensive inpatient and outpatient services to a diverse community in and around Glendale, California. It is staffed by 750 physicians, 2,300 employees and 560 volunteers.[3]
  • Adventist Health Hanford is a 199-bed hospital[4] in Hanford, California.
  • Adventist Health Howard Memorial is a rural 25-bed Critical Access Hospital located in Willits, California. It is staffed by 55 physicians, 240 employees and 27 volunteers.[3]
  • Adventist Health Lodi Memorial is a 190-bed hospital in Lodi, California.
  • Adventist Health Portland is a 302-bed hospital serving 900,000 residents on the east side of the Portland-Vancouver metropolitan area. It is staffed by 505 physicians, 2,070 employees and 310 volunteers.[3]
  • Adventist Health Reedley is a 49-bed hospital in Reedley, California.
  • Adventist Health Selma is a 57-bed acute-care community hospital that serves 13 communities in southern Fresno County, operating as a satellite campus of Hanford Community Medical Center. It is staffed by 253 physicians, 378 employees and 22 volunteers.[3]
  • Adventist Health Simi Valley is a 201-bed acute-care facility located in Ventura County, serving the communities of Simi Valley, Moorpark, Thousand Oaks and the West San Fernando Valley. It is staffed by 221 physicians, 812 employees and 114 volunteers.[3]
  • Adventist Health Sonora is a 152-bed hospital in Sonora, California that serves 86,600 residents in Calaveras, Tuolumne and portions of Mariposa counties. It is staffed by 174 physicians, 1,101 employees and 199 volunteers.[3]
  • Adventist Health St. Helena is the longest continually operating Adventist hospital, serving Napa, Lake, Sonoma and Solano counties. It is staffed by 128 physicians representing 44 specialties, 1,000 employees and 130 volunteers.[3]
  • Adventist Health Tehachapi Valley
  • Adventist Health Ukiah Valley is a 78-bed acute-care hospital serving 113,000 people in Mendocino and Lake counties. It is staffed by 100 doctors, 645 employees and 60 volunteers.[3]
  • Adventist Health Vallejo is a 61-bed psychiatric inpatient hospital located in Vallejo, California
  • Adventist Health White Memorial is a full-service 354 staffed-bed, teaching hospital in Los Angeles, California. It is staffed by 433 physicians, 1,504 employees, 137 medical residents and 200 volunteers.[3]
  • Rideout Health + Rideout
  • Adventist Health Tillamook is a 25-bed Critical Access Hospital located in Tillamook, a rural community on the Northern Oregon coast. It is staffed by 93 physicians, 327 employees and 107 volunteers.[3]
  • Tulare Regional Medical Center
  • Walla Walla General Hospital was a 72-bed acute-care hospital located at the base of the Blue Mountains serving approximately 70,000 residents of Southeastern Washington and Northeastern Oregon. It closed in July 2017.

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