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The Alchemy (microarchitecture) is a low power microprocessor design developed by Alchemy Semiconductor implementing the MIPS32 instruction set by MIPS Technologies. The first and only processor implementing it is the Au1 Central processing unit.

Au1-based SoCs[edit]

SoC-Model Launch Fab (nm) Au1 CPU FPU GPU VPU Datasheet Notes
version Core clock (MHz) L1 Dcache
L1 Icache
L2 cache
by Alchemy Semiconductor (2000–2002)
Au1000 MIPS32 R1 na na na
Au1250 na na na
Au1500 na na na
Au1550 na na na
by AMD (2002–2006)
? na na na
by Raza Microelectronics / RMI Corporation (2006–2009)
Au1350 2009-01 na Mali-200 na
Au1380 2009-01 na Mali-200 na
by NetLogic Microsystems (2009–2011)
Au1250 500 ? ? ? Used in CD-R King notebooks
? na na na
by Broadcom (2011–current)
? na na na

Products include: AMD Alchemy Au1000 and Au1550, Sun Ray 2 family of thin clients., Several Cowon PMP devices, Dell DRAC5 remote administration cards, AirPort Extreme Base Station, embedded products for networking by Sun Microsystems; 4G Systems MTX-1 AccessCube MeshCube


Alchemy Semiconductor was a fabless semiconductor company based in Austin, Texas and founded in May 2000.[1] They purchased a license for the MIPS architecture#MIPS32 instruction set from MIPS Technologies and developed the Au1 microprocessor and the Au1000 and Au1550 SoCs.

Alchemy Semiconductor was acquired by AMD in 2002, which in Summer 2006 sold the Alchemy processor line to Raza Microelectronics. In December 2007, Raza Microelectronics changed its name to RMI Corporation. In June 2009, NetLogic Microsystems acquired RMI for $183.4 million in stock. In September 2011, Broadcom acquired all NetLogic shares in a transaction valued around $3.7bn.


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