Ali ibn Yusuf al-Ilaqi

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Muḥammad ibn Yusuf al-Ilāqī was an eleventh-century Persian physician from Khorasan.[citation needed]

Contrary to Carl Brockelmann's information (GAL 1:485; Suppl. 1:887), Sharaf al-Zamān Muḥammad ibn ʿAlī al-Īlāqī of Bākharz (in Khorasān, Iran), who was most probably active in Balkh (today's Afghanistan), was not a figure of the 6th/12th century.[citation needed] He did not die in 536/1141 (in the battle of the Qatwan steppe) but most probably around 460/1068 and should be counted among Avicenna's (d. 429/1037) direct students. Al-Ilāqī produced an epitome of the first book of the Canons of Medicine by Avicenna which was known under various titles: Kitāb al-Fuṣūl al-Ilāqiyya ("The Aphorisms of al-Ilāqī") and Kitāb al-asbāb wa-al-`alāmāt ("The Book of Causes and Symptoms"). Al-Ilāqī's greatly abbreviated version of the first book of the Canon was very popular, and many copies have survived.[citation needed]


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