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The alkylbenzenes are derivatives of benzene, in which one or more hydrogen atoms are replaced by alkyl groups of different sizes. They are a subset of the aromatic hydrocarbons. The simplest member is toluene, in which a hydrogen atom of the benzene was replaced by a methyl group.

Examples of alkylbenzenes
parent compound:
Benzene circle.svg



Ortho-Xylol - ortho-xylene 2.svg Meta-Xylol - meta-xylene 2.svg Para-Xylol - para-xylene 2.svg
Xylene (o-, m-, p-Xylene)

Ethylbenzol.svg Cumol.svg P-Cymol.svg
Ethylbenzene     Cumene     p-Cymene

Comment: The structural formulas of aromatic compounds are usually shown only in one mesomeric form.


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