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This is a list of ambassadors, high commissioners and consuls-general from Canada to other countries and entities.

Where a diplomat is accredited to more than one nation or organisation, the first in the list is the location of the Ambassador's or High Commissioner's residence. The order of an individual's accreditations follows the list given in the Ministry's announcement of the appointment.

Organisation Current Historic
 United Nations (New York City) Marc-André Blanchard See list
 United Nations (Geneva) Elissa Golberg[1] See list
 NATO Yves Brodeur See list
Organization of American States Allan Culham[2] See list
 European Union David Plunkett[3] See list
Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe Isabelle Poupart[4] See list
World Trade Organization Jonathan Fried[5] See list
Country Current Historic
 Afghanistan Deborah Lyons[4] See list
 Albania James Fox See list
 Algeria Patrick Parisot[6] See list
 Angola Barbara Richardson See list
Yves Gagnon See list
 Papua New Guinea
 Solomon Islands
 Federated States of Micronesia
 Marshall Islands
Michael Small See list
 Austria Mark Bailey[7] See list
 Bangladesh Robert McDougall See list
 Antigua and Barbuda
 Saint Kitts and Nevis
 Montserrat ††
Richard Hanley[8] See list
 Belgium Denis Robert[9] See list
 Brazil Jamal Khokhar[10] See list
 Brunei Marcel Gaumond[11] See list
 Burkina Faso Louis-Robert Daigle See list
 Burma Mark McDowell[12] See list
 Chile Patricia Fuller[9] See list
 China Guy Saint-Jacques See list
 Colombia Carmen Sylvain[13] See list
 Cuba Matthew Levin See list
 Costa Rica
Wendy Drukier[9] See list
Louise LaRocque[14] See list
 Czech Republic Otto Jelinek[15] See list
 Denmark André François Giroux[9] See list
 Dominican Republic Georges Boissé[14] See list
 Ecuador Pamela O'Donnell[9] See list
 Egypt Ferry de Kerkhove See list
 El Salvador Pierre Giroux[8] See list
David Usher[14] See list
 Finland Andrée Cooligan See list
 France Lawrence Cannon See list
 Germany Marie Gervais-Vidricaire[15] See list
Christopher Thornley[7] See list
Stuart Savage[4] See list
Nicole Giles[4] See list
 Hong Kong ††
 Macau ††
J. Ian Burchett See list
 Hungary Lisa Helfand[4] See list
 Iceland Stewart Wheeler[14] See list
Nadir Patel [3] See list
 Timor Leste
Association of Southeast Asian Nations
Donald Bobiash[16] See list
 Iran vacant See list
 Ireland Kevin Vickers See list
 Israel Vivian Bercovici See list
 San Marino
Peter McGovern[4] See list
 Cayman Islands ††
 Turks and Caicos Islands ††
Robert Ready[14] See list
 Japan Mackenzie Clugston[17] See list
Bruno Saccomani[4] See list
 Kazakhstan Shawn Steil[18] See list
 Kenya David Angell[9] See list


Douglas George See list
John Morrison See list
 Lebanon Hilary Childs-Adams See list
 Libya Michael Grant[8] See list
 Malaysia Judith St. George[19] See list
 Mali Louis de Lorimier[9] See list
 Mexico Sara Hradecky See list
 Mongolia J. Gregory Goldhawk See list
 Morocco Sandra McCardell[14] See list
 Mozambique Shawn Barber[15] See list
 Netherlands James Lambert See list
 New Zealand
Caroline Chrétien See list
 São Tomé and Príncipe
 Equatorial Guinea
Perry Calderwood[15] See list
 Norway David Sproule[20] See list
 Pakistan Greg Giokas[9] See list
 Panama Anna-Karine Asselin See list
Patricia Fortier[21] See list
 Philippines Neil Reeder[4] See list
 Portugal Jeffrey Marder[22] See list
 Poland Alexandra Bugailiskis[14] See list
Joanne Lemay[15] See list
 Qatar Andre Dubois[14] See list
John R. Kur[15] See list
 Saudi Arabia
Tom MacDonald[23] See list
 Senegal Philippe Beaulne[4] See list
Roman Waschuk See list
 Singapore Heather A. Grant[14] See list
 Slovakia vacant See list
 South Africa
Gaston Barban[24] See list
 South Korea Eric Walsh[25] See list
Jon Allen[8] See list
 Sri Lanka
Shelley Whiting[14] See list
 Sweden Kenneth Macartney[26] See list
  Switzerland Jennifer MacIntyre[4] See list
 Syria vacant See list
 Taiwan Kathleen Mackay See list
Alexandre Lévêque[8] See list
Philip Calvert[8] See list
 Trinidad and Tobago Gérard Latulippe[24] See list
 Tunisia Sébastien Beaulieu[5] See list
 Ukraine Troy Lulashnyk See list
 United Arab Emirates Arif Lalani[27] See list
 United Kingdom Gordon Campbell See list
 United States Gary Doer See list
 Uruguay Claire Poulin[9] See list
 Venezuela Ben Rowswell[28] See list
 Vietnam David Devine[4] See list
Barbara Richardson See list
† - High Commissioner

†† - Consul General ‡ - Executive Director

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