Andorra–France relations

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Andorra–France relations
Map indicating locations of Andorra and France



Andorra–France relations have existed since 1278, when Andorra was granted sovereignty through paréage by the Count of Foix in southern France. The countries always share a head of state; the same person (currently Emmanuel Macron) holds the office of President of France and that of co-Prince of Andorra.


Over a quarter of Andorra's annual trade is done with France. In 2000, Andorran exports to France were worth 11.9 million USD, compared to 269.7 million USD worth of French imports. This creates a total Franco-Andorran trade benefit of 257.8 million USD towards France. As Andorra is such a small country, and has little room for manufacturing, imports outnumber exports 22:1.[1]

Daily life[edit]

Uncharacteristic of most bilateral relations, Andorra is reliant on France for many common conveniences. The postal service, internet, television, and radio are partially provided for by France. Many Andorran high school graduates attend college in France, and there are French-subsidized French-speaking schools within Andorra. France is also the source for a substantial part of Andorra's GDP through tourism.[2]

Resident diplomatic missions[edit]

Embassy of Andorra in Paris

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