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Headquarters Romania

Angst is a supermarket chain of 19 stores in Romania. It has a range of 1,000 products, mainly foodstuffs. Angst is owned by a Swiss-Romanian joint venture. Angst operates mainly in Bucharest but is based in the town of Buftea, near the capital. It employs 670 people. The motto of Angst is Excelenţa face diferenţa (Romanian for: "Excellence Makes the Difference").

Supermarket branches[edit]

Angst operates only supermarkets, typically located in city centers:


Other areas

Distribution networks[edit]

From its base in Buftea, Angst also distributes its products with the supermarket chains Metro, Selgros, Carrefour and XXL. It distributes products to four chains in 16 Romanian cities and 26 stores, of which nine are in Bucharest.

The following stores stock Angst products in Romania:




  • Bucharest
    • Militari district
    • Grozǎveşti district


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