List of supermarket chains in Belarus

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The Belorussian retail market is largely dominated by local supermarket chains, currently the only foreign chains operating within Belarus are Russian retail chains. A report in 2007 found that there was 170 chain operated stores,[1] With Vesta operating the most stores, with 48 outlets, and Vestor the least with only 2 outlets.

Current chains[edit]

Name Stores Type of stores Parent
Белкоопсоюз >9000[2]
Евроопт 204[2] discount euroopt
Дорорс 124[2]
Родная Сторона 91[2] supermarket
Белмаркет 62[2] supermarket BelMarket
Рублёвский 48[2] department store Рублёвский
Веста[3] 54 Веста
Алми 32[2] supermarket, hypermarket, department store, deli Алми
Mart Inn 30[4] supermarket Mart Inn
Виталюр 28[2] supermarket
Гиппо 10[5] hypermarket, supermarket Гиппо
Zakrama 10[2] discount Алми
Корона 7[2] hypermarket Корона
БАЗАР 6[2] discount Рублёвский
ProStore 6[2]
Preston[6] 3 supermarket Арвитфуд
Bigzz 2[7] hypermarket, supermarket Bigzz

Hardware store chains[edit]

Name Stores Type of stores Parent
OMA Kesko

Defunct chains[edit]


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