List of supermarket chains in France

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This is a list of supermarket chains in France

List of current French supermarket chains[edit]

Name Stores Type of store Parent
Hyper U 71 Hypermarket France Systeme U
Super U 773 Supermarket France Systeme U
Express U 294 Discounter France Systeme U
Utile 410 Supermarket France Systeme U
Intermarche 1 835 Hypermarket/Supermarket France Les Mousquetaires
Netto 300 Supermarket France Les Mousquetaires
Auchan 144 Hypermarket France Auchan
Auchan 445 Supermarket France Auchan
Simply Market 314 Supermarket France Auchan
Leader Price 796 Supermarket France Groupe Casino
Leader Price Express 1 250 Supermarket France Groupe Casino
Geant Casino 129 Hypermarket France Groupe Casino
Casino 447 Supermarket France Groupe Casino
Franprix 827 Discounter France Groupe Casino
Monoprix 640 Hypermarket France Groupe Casino
Vival 1 773 Discounter France Groupe Casino
Casino shop 2 000+ Discounter France Groupe Casino
Petit Casino 1 231 Discounter France Groupe Casino
SPAR 864 Supermarket/Hypermarket France Groupe Casino
Carrefour 247 Hypermarket France Carrefour Group
Carrefour 1 509 Supermarket France Carrefour Group
Carrefour 4 380 Discounter France Carrefour Group
E. Leclerc 660 Hypermarket France E. Leclerc
Cora 60 Hypermarket Belgium Louis Delhaize Group
Match 117 Supermarket Belgium Louis Delhaize Group
Lidl 1500 Discounter Germany Schwarz Gruppe
Aldi 891 Discounter Germany Aldi
Norma 70 Discounter Germany Norma [1]
Colruyt 75 Supermarket Belgium Colruyt Group
Metro Cash and Carry 94 Hypermarket Germany Metro AG

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