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Anthony Wong
AnthonyWongYiu Ming.jpg
Chinese name 黃耀明 (traditional)
Chinese name 黄耀明 (simplified)
Pinyin Huáng Yàomíng (Mandarin)
Jyutping wong4 jiu6 ming4 (Cantonese)
Birth name Wong Yiu Ming
Ancestry Chaozhou, Guangdong
Origin Hong Kong
Born (1962-06-16) 16 June 1962 (age 53)
Hong Kong
Occupation singer-songwriter, producer, record label director
Genre(s) Cantopop
Instrument(s) Singing
Voice type(s) Baritone
Label(s) People Mountain People Sea
Official website People Mountain People Sea
Past Members
Tat Ming Pair

Anthony Wong, also known as Wong Yiu-Ming (黃耀明), is a Hong Kong alternative singer, composer and producer. He was the vocalist of duo Tat Ming Pair in the 1980s and as the current director for music production company People Mountain People Sea.


Anthony Wong began his career as a DJ at Commercial Radio Hong Kong in 1984. In the following year, he answered a singer-wanted advertisement in a music magazine posted by a composer and guitarist Tats Lau Yi Tat. They then formed the group Tat Ming Pair and later was signed by Polygram. After the group was disbanded in 1990, he continued his musical career as a solo singer and later also as a producer. In the mid 90s, he reached the peak of his musical career. With songs like '’Blow Up'’ (春光乍洩), 每日一禁果 (literally "A Forbidden Fruit-Once a Day"), he received many prestigious musical awards.

In 1999, he founded the music production company People Mountain People Sea (人山人海) with a group of talented artists and musicians in Hong Kong. The company produced and published albums not only for high-profiled Pop singers like Leslie Cheung, Faye Wong, Sandy Lam, Eason Chan, Nicholas Tse and Miriam Yeung, but also published works for other relatively "alternative/ experimental" singers, composers, bands and groups, such as at17 and PixelToy.

On 7 July 2007, Ming performed at the Chinese leg of Live Earth in Shanghai.

Personal life[edit]

Wong had been noted in the past as "deliberately ambiguous – or better: opaque – about his sexual identity",[1] but he never announced his sexuality in public.

Following the conclusion of his concert series at Hong Kong Coliseum in April 2012, Wong publicly came out as gay, stating "People don't need to guess whether or not I'm a tongzhi (同志) anymore...I'm saying, I'm gay. I'm a homosexual. G-A-Y."[2] Wong then active in social to promote legislation for non-discrimination in sexual orientation. He supports same-sex marriage.


  • 信望愛 (1991)
  • 借借你的愛 (1992)
  • 明明不是天使 (1994) (in Mandarin)
  • 愈夜愈美麗 (1995)
  • 5餅2魚 (1996)
  • 風月寶鑑 (1997)
  • People Mountain People Sea 人山人海 (1997)
  • 下世紀再嬉戲 (1999)
  • Walking With Wings 花天走地 (2000)
  • In Broad Daylight 光天化日 (2000)
  • CrossOver EP (with Leslie Cheung) (2002)
  • Acoustic... and a little more (2002)
  • My 21st century 我的廿一世紀 (2003)
  • 明日之歌 (2004)
  • 若水 (2006)
  • King of the Road (2008)
  • 拂了一身還滿 (2011)


  • Anthony + Jan Live in Music (1998)
  • In Broad Daylight Concert 光天化日演唱會 (2000)
  • Anthony x Miriam Yeung Live in Music (2004)
  • 黃耀明滿天神佛攞命舞會Live03 (2004)
  • HKPO VS Anthony Wong Live Bauhinian Rhapsody(2006)


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