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Jeff Geggus at Cockney Rejects concert at Antifest in Czech Republic SSA47294.jpg
Genre Punk rock,
Location(s) Svojšice in Czech Republic
Years active 1995-present
Festival's official website

Antifest is a name for a punk rock festival taking place in Svojšice in Czech Republic. It is organised in the middle of summer, and the first one took place in 1995. In the beginning the full title was Anti-society Fest, but presently Antifest is in common use. Beside punk rock bands a significant number of ska, psychobilly and rockabilly bands appear during the fest.

2005 edition (11th) was the first one to last for three days, previously the festival took two days. This event is organised by Agency 92.

Major European bands are appearing during the festival, performing on two stages. Visitors also come from different parts of Europe, mainly from Czech Republic, Germany and Poland.

Bands performing at Antifest[edit]

11th edition (05-07/08/2005)[edit]

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