Anwon of Goguryeo

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Anwon of Goguryeo
Hangul 안원왕, (곡)향강상왕
Hanja 安原王, (鵠)香岡上王
Revised Romanization Anwon-wang, (Gok)Hyanggangsang-wang
McCune–Reischauer Anwŏn-wang, (Kok)Hyanggangsang-wang
Birth name
Hangul 보연
Hanja 寶延
Revised Romanization Bo-yeon
McCune–Reischauer Poyŏn
Monarchs of Korea
  1. King Chumo 37-19 BCE
  2. King Yuri 19 BCE-18 CE
  3. King Daemusin 18-44
  4. King Minjung 44-48
  5. King Mobon 48-53
  6. King Taejodae 53-146
  7. King Chadae 146-165
  8. King Sindae 165-179
  9. King Gogukcheon 179-197
  10. King Sansang 197-227
  11. King Dongcheon 227-248
  12. King Jungcheon 248-270
  13. King Seocheon 270-292
  14. King Bongsang 292-300
  15. King Micheon 300-331
  16. King Gogug-won 331-371
  17. King Sosurim 371-384
  18. King Gogug-yang 384-391
  19. King Gwanggaeto 391-413
  20. King Jangsu 413-490
  21. King Munja 491-519
  22. King Anjang 519-531
  23. King An-won 531-545
  24. King Yang-won 545-559
  25. King Pyeong-won 559-590
  26. King Yeong-yang 590-618
  27. King Yeong-nyu 618-642
  28. King Bojang 642-668

King Anwon of Goguryeo (died 545) (r. 531–545) was the 23rd ruler of Goguryeo, the northernmost of the Three Kingdoms of Korea. He was the younger brother of King Anjang, and is said to have been tall and wise.[1]

Life and reign[edit]

When Anjang died without an heir in 531 he became king.[2] In the third month of his reign, the Emperor of Wei sent an imperial rescript naming him Commissioner with Special Powers, Cavalier Attendant-in-ordinary, Concurrent Commandant, Protector of the Eastern Tributaries, Dynasty Founding Duke of the Liaodong Commandery, and King of Goguryeo, presenting him with the associated vestments, ornaments, coach, and standard.[citation needed]

When Northern Wei split into Eastern Wei and Western Wei, he carefully balanced his relations with Eastern Wei and the Liang dynasty.[2]

The other two of the Three Kingdoms, Baekje and Silla, formed an alliance in response to the Goguryeo threat, leading to a relatively balanced peace. In the only conflict during Anwon's reign, in the ninth lunar month of 540, Baekje laid siege to Usan Castle, but Anwon sent 5,000 cavalry and drove the attackers off.[2][1]

Goguryeo suffered many natural disasters during Anwon's reign, such as flooding, earthquakes, thunderstorms and a severe epidemic, a severe drought, a plague of locusts.[1]

Anwon's first queen had not given birth to a son. In the last years of Anwon's reign, there was a power struggle between his second and third queens who each sought to make their own son (Pyeongseong and Segun) the crown prince.[1][2] The aristocracy split into two camps, leading to violent battles during which the king was apparently killed. This internal division was the beginning of a significantly weakening of the royal throne and Goguryeo itself in subsequent years.[2]

The king died in the third lunar month of 545, after 15 years on the throne. He was given the posthumous royal title of King Anwŏn.

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Anwon of Goguryeo
Died: 545
Regnal titles
Preceded by
King of Goguryeo
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