Arebhashe dialect

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Native to India
Region Kodagu, Dakshina Kannada Kasaragodu
Ethnicity Gowda
Native speakers
400,000[1] (2011)
Kannada script
Language codes
ISO 639-3

Arebhashe is a dialect of the hale Kannada language and Tulu language. It's spoken hover around more than 400,000[1] people, particularly the ‘Gowda[2] ’ community (among Hindus) in the regions of Kodagu district and Sullia of Dakshina Kannada.


Linguistics[3] have suggested that the word Arebhashe means 'half-tongue', (Are= half, Bhashe= speech). It is an admixture of hale Kannada and Tulu language. Hence, Arebhashe pronunciation and ascent is slightly distinct from Kannada


Arebhashe is written in the Kannada script itself.[4][better source needed] Arebhashe dialect is believed to be the language that originated while there was transformation of Hale Kannada to Hosa Kannada and according to some historians it has history of 500 years.[5][better source needed]

Arebashe Academy[edit]

Arebashe has its academy,[6] which is funded by Karnataka State government.

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