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Australian International Shooting Limited trading as Shooting Australia
Sport Shooting
Jurisdiction Australia
Abbreviation SA
Affiliation ISSF
Regional affiliation OSF
Headquarters South Australia
President Catherine Fettell
Chief Exec Damien Marangon
Coach Rifle National Coach Petr Kurka, Shotgun National Coach Adam Vella, Para-Shooting National Coach Miro Sipek, Pistol National Coach Vladimir Galiabovich
Other key staff Media Kelly Wright
Official website

Australian International Shooting Limited trading as Shooting Australia. Shooting Australia (SA) is the governing body for shooting sports in Australia.


Shooting Australia is the peak body responsible for the growth, sustainability, and success of target shooting sports in Australia and is the affiliated body to:

Shooting Australia's objectives are to promote and coordinate responsible shooting sports, both competitive and recreational, within Australia; and to promote and coordinate participation in, and organisation of international competitions mindful of providing sustainable international success.

Target shooting is a sport which features on the program of both the Commonwealth Games and the Olympic Games.

Shooting Australia is recognised by the Australian Sports Commission, the Australian Olympic Committee and the Australian Commonwealth Games Association as the National Sporting Organisation for target shooting sports.[1]


SA is a company limited by guarantee comprising five full member organisations:

and an associate member:


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