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The Avaya Communication Manager is a communication solution brand and product suite owned, developed and maintained by Avaya Inc.[1] There are numerous individual hardware and software products associated with the Communication Manager brand of which the Communication Manager product itself is arguably the core component. Early in the 201x decade, Avaya launched a rebranding campaign to modify the Communication Manager brand by appending the word "Aura" making the brand Aura Communication Manager.

Software components[edit]

The Avaya Site Administrator (ASA) is an interface application that allows access to many of the hardware components of the Communications Manager suite. ASA is at its heart a terminal emulation package with a collection of specialized front end tools built into it. ASA allows system administrators to connect to various Avaya communications servers for administrative purposes:

  • PBX
  • IP Office
  • Modular Messaging

Hardware components[edit]

Communication manager servers[edit]

  • s8510
  • s8800
  • s8300
  • s8400
  • s8700
  • s8720
  • s8730
  • HP ProLiant DL360 G7,G8
  • Dell™ PowerEdge™ R610
  • Dell™ PowerEdge™ R620

Communication gateway[edit]

G250, G350, G430, G450, IG550, G650, G700,

Circuit packs[edit]

Avaya calls the circuit boards it sells for its network management systems "circuit packs", of which there are numerous types. Each circuit pack type provides unique functionality. Several of the same type of circuit pack can generally be installed in an appropriate cabinet, carrier or communications gateway to provide additional functionality of that type, however, often the maximum quantity is limited by hardware cabinet, carrier or communications gateway.

  • 655A - Power Supply
  • TN799 Control LAN
  • TN464 - DS1 Interface - DS1|Avaya TN464 - DS1 Interface - DS1
  • TN747 - CO Trunk - Central Office
  • TN771 - Maintenance/Test - Maintenance
  • TN763 - Auxiliary Trunk - Aux
  • TN793 - Analog Line - Analog
  • TN2224 - Digital Line - Digital
  • TN2312 - IP Server Interface - IPSI
  • TN2501 - Voice Announcement - VAL
  • TN2602 - IP Media Processor - MedPro