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Beer is a popular beverage in Croatia. In 2010, Croatia was the 14th country in the world by beer consumption per capita. Approximately one half of the adult population are beer consumers.


During the antiquity and the Middle Ages, beer in Croatia received only sporadic mention in historical sources. Its popularity rose in the 18th century, and industrial-scale production began only in the late 19th century. In the modern era, brewing has gained significant economical importance, generating a total of 2.4 billion HRK (c. €320 million) of revenue in 2007.

Beer production and consumption[edit]

More than 90% of all beer sold in Croatia is domestically produced. There are many types and brands of beer in Croatia, though more than 90% of revenue is shared between six largest beer companies. Most popular beer is Ožujsko and the second most popular is Karlovačko.



Osječko is the first Croatian beer ever produced, and has been produced since 1697. The main factory is located in Osijek, from which the beer got its name.


Karlovačko is the second most popular beer in Croatia. It is also the national beer. This is due to the rapid marketing of the product after it was released. The factory is located in the city of Karlovac, which is where it gets its name. Since 2016 its owned by Heineken.


Ožujsko is the most popular beer in Croatia, with 10 bottles being consumed every second. It has been produced since 1892. The main factory is in Zagreb. As of 2012, the Ožujsko brand is now part of the MolsonCoors brewing company.


Logo of Pan pivo

Pan is a Carlsberg-owned beer company which has a variety of beers in the market, including lager, light, and lemon beer. Drinking this beer has been closely associated with elevated levels of being panned out later in the night.


Laško is a beer company, which is headquartered in Slovenia, but the beer is still popular in Croatia. There is a new factory in Split that produces the beer, but it is hard to find in Croatia.


Tomislav is the second strongest beer in Croatia, with a 7.3% alcohol content (The strongest is Grička Vještica with 7.5%).It's brewed by Zagrebačka pivovaraâ like Ožujsko brands


Velebitsko is a popular beer brand from Croatia, brewed near Gospić on the Velebit mountains in Lika by the Pivovara Ličanka. The name is used for the pale lager which has an alcohol content of 5.1% and for the dark lager which has an alcohol content of 6.0%.


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