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The Belgian professional football awards is a collection of awards given at the end of each season since 1983. Back then, the only award was the Manager of the Year. There are now 5 main awards: Footballer, Footballer (second division), Goalkeeper, Manager and Referee. The previous fifth award, the Young Footballer of the Year Award, was not awarded between 2008–09 and 2012–13. The voters are all the players from the Belgian Pro League as well as the Belgian footballers playing abroad at the highest level. The ceremony is organized together by the paper Sport Foot Magazine and the Belgian Football Association.


Professional Footballer of the Year[edit]

Jan Ceulemans won the award for the first three times
Season Winner Club Country
1983–84 Jan Ceulemans Club Brugge  Belgium
1984–85 Jan Ceulemans Club Brugge  Belgium
1985–86 Jan Ceulemans Club Brugge  Belgium
1986–87 Juan Lozano Anderlecht  Spain
1987–88 Marc Degryse Club Brugge  Belgium
1988–89 Marc Emmers Mechelen  Belgium
1989–90 Marc Degryse Anderlecht  Belgium
1990–91 Enzo Scifo Anderlecht  Belgium
1991–92 Philippe Albert Mechelen  Belgium
1992–93 Pär Zetterberg Charleroi  Sweden
1993–94 Lorenzo Staelens Club Brugge  Belgium
1994–95 Marc Degryse Anderlecht  Belgium
1995–96 Luc Nilis Anderlecht  Belgium
1996–97 Pär Zetterberg Anderlecht  Sweden
1997–98 Pär Zetterberg Anderlecht  Sweden
1998–99 Souleymane Oulare Genk  Guinea
1999–2000 Marc Degryse Germinal Beerschot  Belgium
2000–01 Walter Baseggio Anderlecht  Belgium
2001–02 Wesley Sonck Genk  Belgium
2002–03 Timmy Simons Club Brugge  Belgium
2003–04 Aruna Dindane Anderlecht  Ivory Coast
2004–05 Vincent Kompany Anderlecht  Belgium
2005–06 Mbark Boussoufa Gent  Morocco
2006–07 Mohammed Tchité Anderlecht  Belgium
2007–08 Milan Jovanović Standard Liège  Serbia
2008–09 Mbark Boussoufa Anderlecht  Morocco
2009–10 Mbark Boussoufa Anderlecht  Morocco
2010–11 Ivan Perišić Club Brugge  Croatia
2011–12 Matías Suárez Anderlecht  Argentina
2012–13 Carlos Bacca Club Brugge  Colombia
2013–14 Thorgan Hazard Zulte Waregem  Belgium
2014–15 Víctor Vázquez Club Brugge  Spain
2015–16 Sofiane Hanni Mechelen  Algeria
2016–17 Youri Tielemans Anderlecht  Belgium
2017–18 Hans Vanaken Club Brugge  Belgium

Young Professional Footballer of the Year[edit]

Youri Tielemans is a two-time winner of the award
Season Winner Club Country
1987–88 Francis Severyns Antwerp  Belgium
1988–89 Eric Viscaal Beveren  Netherlands
1989–90 Marc Wilmots Mechelen  Belgium
1990–91 Bertrand Crasson Anderlecht  Belgium
1991–92 Johan Walem Anderlecht  Belgium
1992–93 Michaël Goossens Standard Liège  Belgium
1993–94 Olivier Doll Seraing  Belgium
1994–95 Celestine Babayaro Anderlecht  Nigeria
1995–96 Celestine Babayaro Anderlecht  Nigeria
1996–97 Emile Mpenza Mouscron  Belgium
1997–98 Eric Addo Club Brugge  Ghana
1998–99 Walter Baseggio Anderlecht  Belgium
1999–2000 Walter Baseggio Anderlecht  Belgium
2000–01 Alin Stoica Anderlecht  Romania
2001–02 Koen Daerden Genk  Belgium
2002–03 Davy De Beule Lokeren  Belgium
2003–04 Vincent Kompany Anderlecht  Belgium
2004–05 Vincent Kompany Anderlecht  Belgium
2005–06 Mbark Boussoufa Gent  Morocco
2006–07 Lucas Biglia Anderlecht  Argentina
2007–08 Axel Witsel Standard Liège  Belgium
not awarded between 2008–09 and 2012–13
2013–14 Youri Tielemans Anderlecht  Belgium
2014–15 Youri Tielemans Anderlecht  Belgium
2015–16 Leon Bailey Genk  Jamaica
2016–17 Landry Dimata Oostende  Belgium
2017–18 Wesley Club Brugge  Brazil

Professional Goalkeeper of the Year[edit]

Season Winner Club Country
1984–85 Gilbert Bodart Standard Liège  Belgium
1985–86 Gilbert Bodart Standard Liège  Belgium
1986–87 Philippe Vande Walle Club Brugge  Belgium
1987–88 Michel Preud'homme Mechelen  Belgium
1988–89 Michel Preud'homme Mechelen  Belgium
1989–90 Michel Preud'homme Mechelen  Belgium
1990–91 Michel Preud'homme Mechelen  Belgium
1991–92 Gilbert Bodart Standard Liège  Belgium
1992–93 Dany Verlinden Club Brugge  Belgium
1993–94 Filip De Wilde Anderlecht  Belgium
1994–95 Gilbert Bodart Standard Liège  Belgium
1995–96 Philippe Vande Walle Germinal Ekeren  Belgium
1996–97 Stanley Menzo Lierse  Netherlands
1997–98 Ronny Gaspercic Harelbeke  Belgium
1998–99 Vedran Runje Standard Liège  Croatia
1999–2000 Filip De Wilde Anderlecht  Belgium
2000–01 Vedran Runje Standard Liège  Croatia
2001–02 Franky Vandendriessche Mouscron  Belgium
2002–03 Dany Verlinden Club Brugge  Belgium
2003–04 Frédéric Herpoel Gent  Belgium
2004–05 Silvio Proto Louviéroise  Belgium
2005–06 Vedran Runje Standard Liège  Croatia
2006–07 Daniel Zitka Anderlecht  Czech Republic
2007–08 Kenny Steppe Germinal Beerschot  Belgium
2008–09 Barry Boubacar Copa Lokeren  Ivory Coast
2009–10 Simon Mignolet Sint-Truiden  Belgium
2010–11 Thibaut Courtois Genk  Belgium
2011–12 Silvio Proto Anderlecht  Belgium
2012–13 Silvio Proto Anderlecht  Belgium
2013–14 Mathew Ryan Club Brugge  Australia
2014–15 Mathew Ryan Club Brugge  Australia
2015–16 Matz Sels Gent  Belgium
2016–17 Lovre Kalinić Gent  Croatia
not awarded in 2017–18

Professional Manager of the Year[edit]

Season Winner Club Country
1982-83 Paul Van Himst Anderlecht  Belgium
1983–84 Georges Heylens Seraing  Belgium
1984–85 Robert Waseige Liégeois  Belgium
1985–86 Urbain Haesaert Waregem  Belgium
1986–87 Aad de Mos Mechelen  Netherlands
1987–88 Georg Kessler Antwerp  Germany
1988–89 Aad de Mos Mechelen  Netherlands
1989–90 Georges Leekens Club Brugge  Belgium
1990–91 René Vandereycken Gent  Belgium
1991–92 Hugo Broos Club Brugge  Belgium
1992–93 Walter Meeuws Antwerp  Belgium
1993–94 Robert Waseige Charleroi  Belgium
1994–95 Robert Waseige Standard Liège  Belgium
1995–96 Hugo Broos Club Brugge  Belgium
1996–97 Eric Gerets Lierse  Belgium
1997–98 Eric Gerets Club Brugge  Belgium
1998–99 Aimé Anthuenis Genk  Belgium
1999–2000 Aimé Anthuenis Anderlecht  Belgium
2000–01 Aimé Anthuenis Anderlecht  Belgium
2001–02 Sef Vergoossen Genk  Netherlands
2002–03 Trond Sollied Club Brugge  Norway
2003–04 Hugo Broos Anderlecht  Belgium
2004–05 Trond Sollied Club Brugge  Norway
2005–06 Francky Dury Zulte-Waregem  Belgium
2006–07 Hugo Broos Genk  Belgium
2007–08 Michel Preud'homme Standard Liège  Belgium
2008–09 László Bölöni Standard Liège  Romania
2009–10 Ariël Jacobs Anderlecht  Belgium
2010–11 Franky Vercauteren Genk  Belgium
2011–12 Hein Vanhaezebrouck Kortrijk  Belgium
2012–13 Francky Dury Zulte-Waregem  Belgium
2013–14 Peter Maes Lokeren  Belgium
2014–15 Michel Preud'homme Club Brugge  Belgium
2015–16 Michel Preud'homme Club Brugge  Belgium
2016–17 René Weiler Anderlecht   Switzerland
2017–18 Ivan Leko Club Brugge  Croatia

Professional Referee of the Year[edit]

Frank De Bleeckere is a seven-time winner of the award
Season Winner
1983–84 Marcel Van Langenhove
1984–85 Marcel Van Langenhove
1985–86 Marcel Van Langenhove
1986–87 Marcel Van Langenhove
1987–88 Marcel Van Langenhove
1988–89 Marcel Van Langenhove
1989–90 Marcel Van Langenhove
1990–91 Marcel Van Langenhove
1991–92 Alphonse Constantin
1992–93 Alphonse Constantin
1993–94 Guy Goethals
1994–95 Guy Goethals
1995–96 Guy Goethals
1996–97 Frans Van Den Wijngaert
1997–98 Frans Van Den Wijngaert
1998–99 Frans Van Den Wijngaert
1999–2000 Frank De Bleeckere
2000–01 Frank De Bleeckere
2001–02 Frank De Bleeckere
2002–03 Frank De Bleeckere
2003–04 Johan Verbist
2004–05 Paul Allaerts
2005–06 Paul Allaerts
2006–07 Jérôme Efong Nzolo
2007–08 Jérôme Efong Nzolo
2008–09 Jérôme Efong Nzolo
2009–10 Frank De Bleeckere
2010–11 Frank De Bleeckere
2011–12 Frank De Bleeckere
2012–13 Jérôme Efong Nzolo
2013–14 Johan Verbist
2014–15 Sébastien Delferière
2015–16 Sébastien Delferière
2016–17 Sébastien Delferière
2017–18 Jonathan Lardot

Professional Footballer of the Year (Second Division)[edit]

Season Winner Club Country
2017–18 Xavier Mercier Cercle Brugge  France

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