Bhadra River

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Bhadra River
Bhadra River Project Dam near Bhadravathi
Origin gangamoola, Chikmagalur district, Karnataka
Mouth Bay of Bengal
Basin countries India

The Bhadra River ( Kannada: ಭಧ್ರಾ ನದಿ ) (Hindi: भद्रा नदी) is a river in Karnataka state in southern India.

The Bhadra originates at Gangamoola near Kudremukha, Western Ghats range, and flows east across the southern part of Deccan Plateau, joined by its tributaries the Somavahini near Hebbe, Thadabehalla, and Odirayanahalla. It flows through the towns of Kudremukh, Kalasa, Hornadu, Balehonnur, Balehole and Narasimharajapura(N.R Pura). A dam is built across the river near Lakkavalli which forms the Bhadra reservoir. From here the river continues its journey through the city of Bhadravathi, Karnataka. The Bhadra meets the Tunga River at Koodli, a small town near Shivamogga. The combined river continues east as the Tungabhadra, a major tributary of the Krishna, which empties into the Bay of Bengal.

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Coordinates: 14°00′N 75°39′E / 14.000°N 75.650°E / 14.000; 75.650