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For the dam in Arkansas, United States, see Blue Mountain Dam.

The Blue Mountains Dams are a series of six dams in the Blue Mountains which supply water to the Blue Mountains and Sydney, Australia. The Dams are managed by the Sydney Catchment Authority. Water in this scheme may be supplemented from the Fish River Scheme.

Cascade Dams[edit]

There are three dams built on the Cascade Creek, near Katoomba, known as Cascade numbers 1, 2 and 3. The Middle Dam was first, completed in 1908. It is 15 metres (49 ft) tall; 105 metres (344 ft) long; and holds 160 megalitres (35×10^6 imp gal; 42×10^6 US gal). The Lower Cascade Dam is an earthfill embankment dam with a central concrete core which was completed in 1926. It is 26 metres (85 ft) high; 128 metres (420 ft) long; and holds 320 megalitres (70×10^6 imp gal; 85×10^6 US gal). The Upper Cascade Dam is another earthfill embankment dam, built in 1938. It is 30 metres (98 ft) high; 247 metres (810 ft) long; and it holds 1,700 megalitres (370×10^6 imp gal; 450×10^6 US gal).

Lake Medlow and Greaves Creek Dams[edit]

The Lake Medlow and Greaves Creek Dams were built on the Adams and Greaves Creeks respectively. Lake Medlow Dam was the first concrete thin arch, high stress dam built in New South Wales, and is one of the thinnest dams in the world. It is 20 metres (66 ft) high; 38 metres (125 ft) long; and holds 300 megalitres (66×10^6 imp gal; 79×10^6 US gal).[1] Greaves Creek Dam is also a concrete arch dam, it was completed in 1942. It is 19 metres (62 ft) high; 67 metres (220 ft) long; and holds 310 megalitres (68×10^6 imp gal; 82×10^6 US gal). Sydney Water have decommissioned the Greaves Creek Treatment Plant.

Woodford Creek Dam[edit]

Woodford Creek Dam is a concrete arch dam which was built on the junction of Woodford Creek and Bulls Creek and completed in 1928. It was subsequently raised several times. It is 16 metres (52 ft) high and 144 metres (472 ft) long. Sydney Water no longer draws water from Woodford Dam. In late 2009 Woodford Dam surrounds were opened up to walkers and mountain bikers.[2] Access to the dam wall and lake is still prohibited.


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