Bluecoat School, Bath

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Bluecoat School
Bluecoat School in Bath.png
1856 drawing of the new school
Saw Close


United Kingdom
Coordinates51°22′56″N 2°21′43″W / 51.382247°N 2.36208°W / 51.382247; -2.36208
Religious affiliation(s)Christian
FounderRobert Nelson
Genderboys and girls
School rollc. 55
School feesfree
AlumniBenjamin Godwin

Bluecoat School was a former school in Sawclose in Bath, Somerset. The school was founded in 1711 and operated as a charity offering free education to Anglican boys and girls. The building which was rebuilt in 1860 is now known as Bluecoat House.


The school was created in 1711 by Robert Nelson when he established a public subscription to create the funding. Nelson died only three years later and a building was not started until 1722 using a design by William Killigrew.[1]

Benjamin Godwin who gained a place at the school in the 1790s because of his mother's Anglican connections describes how the school supplied free education to 55 pupils. The children were supplied with all materials and uniforms.[2]

Killigrew's building was demolished in 1859 and a new "Northern renaissance" style building was created. This development by John Elkington Gill and George Phillips Manners was part of a restyling of that part of the city.[1] This building continued as a school. It was sold in 1921 and eventually was used by the local government for offices. Today it is possible to rent an apartment in the building which is now called Bluecoat House.[3]

In 2017 the Sawclose immediately to the west of the building is to be made into a pedestrian-friendly shared space area for pedestrians, cyclists and cars.[4]


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