Boyland–Sims oxidation

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The Boyland–Sims oxidation is the chemical reaction of anilines with alkaline potassium persulfate, which after hydrolysis forms ortho-hydroxyl anilines.[1][2][3]

The Boyland-Sims oxidation

The ortho-isomer is formed predominantly. However, the para-sulfate is formed in small amounts with certain anilines.[4]

Reaction mechanism[edit]

Behrman has shown that the first intermediate in the Boyland–Sims oxidation is the formation of an arylhydroxylamine-O-sulfate (2).[5] Rearrangement of this zwitterionic intermediate forms the ortho- sulfate (5), which then hydrolyses to form the ortho-hydroxyl aniline.

The mechanism of the Boyland-Sims oxidation

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