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The David Bruce LM–5000 Pairs bridge event is held at the Summer American Contract Bridge League (ACBL) North American Bridge Championship. It is open to all players who have earned Life Master status up to 5,000 masterpoints. The event is held at the same time as the Von Zedtwitz Life Master Pairs (open to all Life Masters) and the Young LM-1500 Pairs event.

The trophy is named in honor of David Bruce, the first player to achieve Life Master status in the ACBL.


Winners of David Bruce LM–5000 Pairs
Year Winners Runners-up
2003 Mark Bartusek, John Jones Craig Zastera, Stanford Christie
2004 Henry Meyer, Brian Gunnell Jane Dillenberg, Jerry Goldberg
2005 David Maidman, Marin Marinov Will Engel, Jim Melville
2006 Mike Cassel, Andy Kaufman Al Blinder, Craig Zastera
2007 Karl Hicks, Brian Alexander Barry Purrington, Michael Cassel
2008 Steve Johnson, Mark Teaford Daniel Lavee, Barbara McLendon
2009 Carolyne Fox, George Fox Cindy Sealy, Owen Lynch
2010 Michael McNamara, Sylwia McNamara Barry Falgout, Rusty Krauss
2011 Howard Engle, Mark Weisman Sam Miller, Marc Passman
2012 Donald Caplin, Zachary Grossack Jeff Ruben, Andrew Stayton
2013 Randy Thompson, Barry Spector David Wakeman, Rita Wakeman
2014 Ronald Kay, Joe Houde Robert Bernstein, Jay Barron
2015 Norman Schwartz, Richard Reitman Kevin Bolan, Ron Beall
2016 Michael Smith, Susan Smith H John Edmonds, Larry Kahn


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