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McConnell Cup is a team event for women held every four years as part of the World Bridge Series Championships. The event was inaugurated in 1994 and is named in honor of Ruth McConnell, former treasurer for the World Bridge Federation (WBF) and former president of the American Contract Bridge League (ACBL). McConnell was also instrumental in inaugurating the Venice Cup women's team championship in 1974.

The full name of this championship is World Women Knockout Teams. The knockout format pertains only to the late stages, however, evidently a four-round knockout with 16 teams except for a five-round 32-team KO in 1998. It appears that the field has been divided into two groups or four groups for round-robin play, with the top eight or top four advancing from each group to the knockout stage.[citation needed]

The next rendition will be at the "World Bridge Series Championships" meet in 2014. The Chinese Contract Bridge Association will host in Sanya, Hainan, from 10 to 25 October.[1] The series name for the meet is new but WBF calls this the 14th World Bridge Series, or 14th Red Bull World Bridge Series. It will be the 6th competition for the McConnell Cup, and the 6th world championship for women teams in the series.


Year, Venue, Entries  Medalists
1994 [2]

Albuquerque, USA

16 teams

1.  United States Letizia
Jill Blanchard, Marinesa Letizia, Sue Picus, Rozanne Pollack, Judi Radin  (USA)
2. United States Woolsey
Karen Allison, JoAnne Casen, Dori Cohen, Joann Glasson, JoAnn Manfield, Sally Woolsey  (USA)
3. United States Alder Mildred Breed, Tobi Deutsch, Amalya Kearse, Joyce Lilie, Jacqui Mitchell, Jo Morse  (USA)
United States Tornay — Judi Cody, Shelley Lapkoff, Linda Perlman, JoAnna Stansby, Carlyn Steiner, Claire Tornay  (USA)
1998 [3][4]

Lille, France


1. Austria Erhart
Maria Erhart, Doris Fischer, Sylvia Terraneo, Terry Weigkricht  (Austria)
2. Germany Auken
Daniela von Arnim, Sabine Auken, Katrin Farwig, Barbara Stawowy  (Germany)
3. United States Truscott Jill Meyers, Shawn Quinn, Carol Sanders, Tobi Sokolow, JoAnn Sprung, Dorothy Truscott  (USA)
United States Wood — Mickie Kivel, Ellee Lewis, Terry Michaels, Claire Tornay, Nadine Wood  (USA)
2002 [5][6]

Montreal, Canada


1. United States Sanborn
Lynn Deas, Irina Levitina, Jill Meyers, Randi Montin, Beth Palmer, Kerri Sanborn  (USA)
2. United States Radin
Mildred Breed, Rozanne Pollack, Shawn Quinn, Judi Radin, Valerie Westheimer, (Hjördis Eythorsdottir)*  (USA)
3. France Bessis
Véronique Bessis, Bénédicte Cronier, Catherine D'Ovidio, Sylvie Willard  (France)
2006 [7][8]

Verona, Italy


1. Russia United States Steiner
Victoria Gromova (RUS), Marinesa Letizia (USA), Tatiana Ponomareva (RUS), Janice Seamon-Molson (USA), Tobi Sokolow (USA), Carlyn Steiner (USA)
2. United States Narasimhan
Jill Levin, Irina Levitina, Jill Meyers, Hansa Narasimhan, Debbie Rosenberg, JoAnna Stansby  (USA)
3. Sweden Katt-Bridge
Kathrine Bertheau, Catarina Midskog, Jenny Wolpert, Mari Ryman  (Sweden)
2010 [9][10]

Philadelphia, USA

31 teams

1. China China Ladies
Xuefeng FENG, Ling GU, Yan LU, Ming SUN, Yanhui SUN, Hongli WANG  (China)
2. Netherlands Netherlands
Carla Arnolds, Jet Pasman, Anneke Simons, Martine Verbeek, Bep Vriend, Wietske van Zwol  (Netherlands)
3. France United States Russia Fireman
Daniele Allouche-Gaviard (FRA), Shannon Cappelletti (USA), Catherine D'Ovidio (FRA), Phyllis Fireman (USA), Victoria Gromova (RUS), Tatiana Ponomareva (RUS) 
2014 [11]

Sanya, China

26 teams

1. United States England Netherlands Baker

Lynn Baker (USA), Karen McCallum (USA), Sally Brock (ENG), Nicola Smith (ENG), Marion Michielsen (NED), Meike Wortel (NED)

2. China China Red
Lu Yan, Ran Jing Rong, Wang Hongli, Wang Wenfei, Wu Shaoyong, Zhang Yu (China)
3. United States Moss — Sylvia Moss (captain), Lynn Deas, Hjördis Eythorsdottir, Joann Glasson, Kerri Sanborn, Janice Seamon-Molson (USA)
Indonesia Pertamina Ep — Rury Andhani, Lusje Oha Bojoh, Suci Amita Dewi, Kristina Wahyu Murniati, Conny Sumampouw, Julita Grace Tueje (Indonesia) 
* The WBF stripped Hjördís Eyþórsdóttir of her silver medal for refusing to take a drug test.[12]


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