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John Terence Reese (28 August 1913 – 29 January 1996) was a British bridge player and writer. Regarded as one of the finest players, he was also one of the most influential and acerbic of bridge writers, with a large output, including several books which remain in print as classics of bridge play. He was also the long-time bridge correspondent of The Lady, The Observer, the London Evening News and the Evening Standard.

Co-author(s) Title Editions and Printings Notes
Phillips, Hubert The Elements of Contract
  • 1937: British Bridge World (London), 271p.
  • 1948: Eyre & Spottiswoode (London)
Hubert Phillips acknowledges that although the book is published jointly under their names, "Terence is the real author of the book", receiving only assistance in planning contents and in revising text from Phillips.[1]
Cohen, Ben The Acol Two Club. Second and subsequent editions titled The Acol System of Contract Bridge
  • 1938: Sheffield, 1938, 55p.
  • 1939: Joiner & Steele (London), 64p.
  • 1946: Joiner & Steele (London), 84p.
  • 1949: Joiner & Steele (London), 127p.
  • 1956: Joiner & Steele (London), 148p
  • First and second editions carry the introduction by S.J. Simon - Attitude of Mind
  • Third edition completely revised, with a new introduction by S.J. Simon and 12 selected hands from Waddington's Par Contests composed by Terence Reese and S. J. Simon: Contract Bridge Equipment Ltd. (Leeds, England) in association with Joiner & Steele
  • Fourth edition with S.J. Simon's introduction to the third edition. Completely revised (with three new chapters and an appendix illustrating the system at work in the International Series of 1949)
  • Fifth edition with Introduction by Guy Ramsey and a selection of hands from the 1955–56 international events
Phillips, Hubert How to Play Bridge
  • 1945: Penguin, 128p.
  • 1958: Revised edition, Max Parrish (London), 152p.
Reese on Play: An Introduction to Good Bridge

Ranked number 10 by Experts responding to the 2007 American Contract Bridge League (ACBL) survey on their top ten favourite bridge books.[2]

Phillips, Hubert Bridge at Ruff's Club
  • 1951: The Batchworth Press, 248p. Edited by Terence Reese.
  • The book consists of articles previously written by Phillips and published in The Lady and The Sunday News of India. As editor, Reese made "expert" revisions to the collection of articles.
  • In the first paragraph of the book's Foreword, Phillips acknowledges Reese "... with whom I have had the pleasure of collaborating for something like the last eighteen years." The Foreword is dated March 1951.
Modern Bidding and the Acol System
  • 1952, 1960: Nicholson & Watson (London), 128p.
Phillips, Hubert Bridge with Mr. Playbetter
  • 1952: The Batchworth Press, 221p
A 32-page pamphlet containing reprints of the hands in the text was inserted in a pocket on the inside back cover of the book to "enable the reader to follow the play of each hand without having to keep turning over the page."
Franklin, Harold World Bridge Championship
  • 1955: De La Rue (London), 106p.
One hundred selected hands from the match of 224 hands, Great Britain (representing Europe) vs. United States (the holders), played at the Beekman Hotel, New York, January 9 to 14, 1955
The Expert Game
  • 1958, 1959, 1962: Edward Arnold (Publishers) Ltd. (London), 190p.
  • 1960: Published in the USA as Master Play. George Coffin (Waltham MA), 144p. and in 1966 by Simon & Schuster, Cornerstone Library (New York), 139p.
  • 1973, 1974: Hale (London), 190p., ISBN 978-0-7091-3941-6.
  • 1974: Published in the USA as Master Play in Contract Bridge . Dover Publications (New York), ISBN 978-0-486-20336-2, 143p.
  • 1984, 1991: Second edition, Hale (London), 190p., ISBN 978-0-7090-1440-9.
  • 1997: Revised and enlarged third edition with Barry Rigal, Hale (London), 208p., ISBN 978-0-7090-5939-4.

Ranked number 1 by Experts responding to the 2007 American Contract Bridge League (ACBL) survey on their top ten favourite bridge books.[3]

In the preface to the 1984 Hale printing, Reese indicated that he took exception to the changes in spelling, idiom and vocabulary introduced in the Coffin printings.[4]

Dormer, Albert Bridge Player's Dictionary
  • 1959: Sterling Publishing Co. (New York), 252p.
  • 1959: Oak Tree (London), 252p. with 8p. Addendum inserted
  • 1959: Barnes & Noble (New York), 252p
  • 1959, 1960: Mayflower
  • 1960: Sterling Publishing Co. (New York), 252p.
  • 1963: Revised edition: Sterling Publishing Co. (New York), 252p.
The 1959 Barnes & Noble publication was under the title Bridge Player's Dictionary and Quick-reference Guide
Play Bridge with Reese
  • 1960: Oak Tree (London), 252p.
  • 1960: Mayflower (London), 252p.
  • 1960: Sterling Publishing Co. (New York), 252p.
  • 1960, 1962: Nobles & Barnes (New York), 252p.
  • 1969: Dover Publications (New York), 252p., ISBN 978-0-486-22313-1
  • 2002: Chess & Bridge (London), 240p., ISBN 978-0-9530218-5-7

Master Play (also titled Master Play in Contract Bridge)

  • 1960: George Coffin Publisher (Massachusetts)
  • 1974: Published as Master Play in Contract Bridge by Dover Publications (New York), 143p., ISBN 978-0-486-20336-2
Albarran, Pierre and Jaïs, Pierre How to Win at Rubber Bridge "[Albarran and Jaïs] Adapted for English readers by Terence Reese." OCLC 4381041
  • 1961: Barrie and Rockliff (London), 191p
Dormer, Albert Blueprint for Bidding; the Acol System Applied to American Bridge
  • 1961: Sterling Publishing Co. (New York), 163p., OCLC 1355341
Dormer, Albert The Acol System Today
  • 1961: Edward Arnold (Publishers) Ltd. (London), 163p.
  • 1978: Second edition revised as Bridge: the Acol System of Bidding, Pan (London), 156p., ISBN 978-0-330-25540-0
  • 1979: Robert Hale (London), 156p., ISBN 978-0-7091-7382-3
Learn Bridge with Reese
Develop Your Bidding Judgment
  • 1962: Oak Tree Press (London), 254p.
  • 1964, 1967: Cornerstone Library (New York), 192p.

Published by Dover as Bidding a Bridge Hand in 1972

The Game of Bridge
Culbertson, Ely Culberton's Complete Summary of Contract Bridge: bidding, leads and plays
  • 1963: Faber and Faber (London), 64p.
Completely revised by Terence Reese, this is the first edition of the Culbertson's Summary series published since 1954 - Culbertson died in 1955.
Bridge for Bright Beginners
  • 1964: Sterling Publishing Co. (New York), 151p.
  • 1964: Dover Publications (New York), 151p.
  • 1965: Oak Tree Press (London), 151p.
  • 1968, 1969: Cornerstone Library (New York), 144p.
  • 1973: Dover Publications (New York), 151p., ISBN 978-0-486-22942-3
Bridge Conventions, Finesses, and Coups
  • 1965: Sterling Publishing Co., (New York), 192p.
  • 1965, 1967: Cornertone Library (New York), 192p.
  • 1970: Dover Publications (New York), 192p., ISBN 978-0-486-22631-6
Franklin, Harold Best of Bridge on the Air: the Listener Book of Bridge
  • 1965: BBC (London)
Problems and questions distilled from over 200 radio programmes; the hands were later discussed in The Listener
Story of an Accusation
  • 1966: Heinemann (London), 244p.
  • 1967: Simon and Schuster (New York), 246p.
  • 2004: Revised edition: Chess & Bridge (London), 232p.
  • 2004: Better Bridge Now (London), 240p., ISBN 978-0-9530218-8-8
Dormer, Albert The Play of the Cards The 1991 edition is a paperback reprint of the second edition of 1977 (a hardback). According to the 1991 Forward, "The natural (reading) successors to this work are Reese on Play and The Expert Game, both published by Robert Hale."
Dormer, Albert Bridge for Tournament Players
Dormer, Albert How to Play a Good Game of Bridge
  • 1969: William Heinemann Ltd. (London), 181p.
Garozzo, Benito and Yallouze, Léon The Blue Club Written by Garozzo and Yallouze and first published under the title Bridge de Competition; adapted by Terence Reese with Introduction by Omar Sharif.
Schapiro, Boris Bridge Card by Card
C.C. Wei's Precision System
  • 197?: printed in Taiwan, 98p. OCLC 2556706
Bidding a Bridge Hand

Previously published as Develop Your Bidding Judgement (1962)

Precision Bidding and Precision Play
Practical Bidding and Practical Play
Advanced Bridge A consolidation of Play Bridge with Reese and Develop Your Bidding Judgement into one book.
Dormer, Albert The Complete Book of Bridge
Play These Hands with Me
Bridge by Question and Answer
Trézel, Roger Snares and Swindles in Bridge
Trézel, Roger Blocking and Unblocking Plays in Bridge
Trézel, Roger Safety Plays in Bridge
Trézel, Roger Elimination Play in Bridge
Bridge at the Top
Begin Bridge With Reese
Stallard's "First up": a revolution in bridge bidding
  • 1978: Berl & Stallard (Miles City, MT), 73p
The Most Puzzling Situations in Bridge Play
Trézel, Roger Those Extra Chances in Bridge
Trézel, Roger When to Duck When to Win in Bridge
Flint, Jeremy Trick 13

A novel.

Trézel, Roger The Art of Defence in Bridge
Trézel, Roger Master the Odds in Bridge
Bridge Tips by World Masters: Terence Reese develops and enlarges the famous Bols bridge tips
Jourdain, Patrick Squeeze Play is Easy
Bridge Tips from the Masters
Dormer, Albert The Bridge Player's Alphabetical Handbook
Kantar, Edwin Defend with Your Life
Bird, David Miracles of Card Play
Bird, David Bridge, the Modern Game
Bird, David Unholy Tricks: More Miraculous Card Play
Trézel, Roger The Mistakes You Make at Bridge
Bird, David How the Experts Do It: Improving Your Bridge
Hoffman, Martin Play it Again Sam
Pottage, Julian Positive Defence
What Would You Bid?
Pottage, Julian Positive Declarer's Play
Bird, David Doubled And Venerable, Further Miracles of Card Play
  • 1987: Victor Gollancz (London) in association with Peter Crawley, Master Bridge Series, 160p., ISBN 978-0-575-03960-5
  • 1992, 1998: Victor Gollancz (London) in association with Peter Crawley, Master Bridge Series, 184p., ISBN 978-0-575-06684-7
English Bridge Union Teachers' Association Master Plays in a Single Suit
Bridge for Ambitious Players
  • 1988: Victor Gollancz (London) in association with Peter Crawley (London), Master Bridge Series, 143p., ISBN 978-0-575-04176-9
Bird, David The Hidden Side of Bridge
Master Deceptive Plays
Beguin, P. and Besse, Jean Do You Really Want to Win at Bridge?
Bird, David Tricks of the Trade
Markus, Rixi Better Bridge for Club Players
  • 1989: Victor Gollancz (London) in association with Peter Crawley, Master Bridge Series, 125p., ISBN 978-0-575-04526-2
Bird, David Acol in the 90's
Le Dentu, José Bridge: Triumphs and Disasters
Brilliancies and Blunders in the European Bridge Championship
Bird, David Famous Hands from Famous Matches
Bird, David Cardinal Sins
  • 1991: Victor Gollancz (London) in association with Peter Crawley, Master Bridge Series, 128p., ISBN 978-0-575-04997-0
  • 1996, Victor Gollancz (London) in association with Peter Crawley, Master Bridge Series, 156p., ISBN 978-0-575-06294-8
Flint, Jeremy Bridge with the Professional Touch
Science Against Nature
Bird, David The Art of Good Bidding
Bird, David Naturals vs Scientists: The Great Match
  • 1992: Probray Press, Nottingham (England), 152 p., ISBN 978-0-946236-36-7. Played at the Hyde Park Hotel, London, January 27–28, 1992.
Bird, David All You Need to Know About Bidding
  • 1992: Victor Gollancz (London) in association with Peter Crawley, Master Bridge Series, 128p., ISBN 978-0-575-05378-6
Bird, David All You Need to Know About Play
McNeil, Keith Bid Against the Masters
  • 1993: Victor Gollancz (London) in association with Peter Crawley, Master Bridge Series, 128p., ISBN 978-0-575-05450-9
Trézel, Roger Blocking, Unblocking and Safety Plays in Bridge
Bird, David That Elusive Extra Trick
Bird, David Make A Start At Bridge
Pottage, Julian The Extra Edge in Play at Bridge
Learn Bridge in Five Days
Bird, David Divine Intervention
  • 1995: Victor Gollancz in association with Peter Crawley (London), Master Bridge Series, 126p., ISBN 978-0-575-06112-5
  • 2009: Weidenfeld & Nicolson in association with Peter Crawley (London), Master Bridge Series, 126p., ISBN 978-0-297-85559-0
Bird, David Famous Bidding Decisions: Test Your Skill Against the Experts
Bird, David Famous Play Decisions: Test Your Skills Against the Experts
Bird, David Bridge


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