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SD Budućnost
Full name Sportsko društvo Budućnost Podgorica
Nicknames Plavo-bijeli (The Blue-Whites)
Sports 32 active clubs
Founded 1925 in Podgorica, Montenegro
Based in Podgorica
Colors Blue and White
Official fan club Varvari (Barbarians)
Active sport clubs of
SD Budućnost
Football pictogram.svg Basketball pictogram.svg Handball pictogram.svg
Football Basketball Handball Women
Volleyball (indoor) pictogram.svg Boxing pictogram.svg Athletics pictogram.svg
Volleyball Boxing Athletics
Basketball pictogram.svg Karate pictogram.svg Rugby union pictogram.svg
Basketball Women Karate Rugby
Shooting pictogram.svg Volleyball (indoor) pictogram.svg Judo pictogram.svg
Shooting Volleyball Women Judo
Ballooning pictogram.svg Table tennis pictogram.svg Taekwondo pictogram.svg
Ballooning Table tennis Taekwondo
Kayak polo pictogram.svg Rowing pictogram.svg Sambo pictogram.svg
Kayaking Rowing Sambo
Chess pictogram.svg Bocce pictogram.svg Mountaineering pictogram (3).svg
Chess Bocce Hiking
Kendo Pictogram.svg MMA pictogram.svg Kickboxing pictogram.svg
Kendo Aikido Savate
Spearfishing pictogram.svg Spearfishing pictogram.svg Flat racing clipart.svg
Fishing Fly Fishing Horsing
Karate icon.svg Kickboxing pictogram.svg MMA pictogram.svg
Kung Fu Jiu Jitsu Unifight
Football pictogram.svg Kickboxing pictogram.svg
Football Women Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Budućnost Podgorica, commonly abbreviated as SD Budućnost, is a sports society organisation from Podgorica, Montenegro.

By number of titles and historical results, it is the most successful sports society in Montenegro, and one of the most successful in the territory of former Yugoslavia. In addition to winning many national titles, various SD Budućnost society clubs have been European champions.

Currently, there are 31 clubs in 29 different sports inside the SD Budućnost organisation.[1] Additionally, one club (men's handball) is dissolved.


Currently, multiple clubs in Montenegro of different sports share the name Budućnost. Their management is separate and each operate independently from each other.

Active clubs[edit]

Overall 32 active clubs are competing in 29 different team and individual sports.

Sport Club name Est
Football Fudbalski klub Budućnost (Men)
Ženski fudbalski klub Budućnost
Basketball Košarkaški klub Budućnost (Men)
Ženski košarkaški klub Budućnost (Women)
Handball Ženski rukometni klub Budućnost (Women) 1949
Volleyball Odbojkaški klub Budućnost
Ženski odbojkaški klub Budućnost (Women)
Athletics Atletski klub Budućnost 1945
Karate Karate klub Budućnost 1969
Boxing Bokserski klub Budućnost 1945
Table Tennis Stonoteniski klub Budućnost 1952
Judo Džudo klub Budućnost 1963
Rugby Ragbi klub Budućnost 2012
Rowing Veslački Klub Budućnost 2012
Kayaking Kajakaški klub Budućnost 2010
Horsing Sportski konjički klub Budućnost 2013
Bocce Boćarski Klub Budućnost 1995
Shooting sports Streljački klub Budućnost 1948
Hiking Planinarski klub Budućnost 2011
Chess Šahovski klub Budućnost 2007
Taekwondo Tekvondo Klub Budućnost 2004
Sambo Sambo klub Budućnost 1997
Aikido Aikido klub Budućnost 1995
Savate Savate boks klub Budućnost 1987
Kendo Kendo klub Budućnost 2000
Ballooning Balonarski klub Budućnost 2002
Sport fishing Sportsko ribolovni klub Budućnost 1970
Fly fishing Sportsko rekreativni fly fishing klub Budućnost 2010
Jujutsu Jiu jitsu klub Budućnost 2000
Brazilian jiu-jitsu Brazilian jiu jitsu klub Budućnost 2008
Kung fu Wushu Kung fu klub Budućnost 2004
Unifight Unifight klub Budućnost 2008

Dissolved clubs[edit]

Men handball club RK Budućnost Podgorica, who had two champion titles, is dissolved at 2011. From 1998 to 2002, in Podgorica existed water polo and swimming club (PVK Podgorica), but not as a part of Budućnost sports club.

Honours and titles[edit]

Champions of Europe[edit]

Teams and sportists of SD Budućnost Podgorica won numerous titles of champions in the highest-level European competitions for clubs. Among them, in team sports, most successful is Women handball club Budućnost, and in the individual sports Karate club Budućnost.

In women handball, ŽRK Budućnost won six titles in European competitions:

In karate, Karate klub Budućnost won one title of European team champions, and competitors of Karate club Budućnost won 17 titles of European champion.[2]

Two football players which started their career in FK Budućnost won the UEFA Champions League, Dejan Savićević with A.C. Milan and Predrag Mijatović with Real Madrid C.F.. Both players scored goals in the UEFA Champions League final matches.

Honours / team sports[edit]

During the history, teams of SD Budućnost in four most popular sports (football, handball, basketball, volleyball) won 120 national and international trophies. Among them are 6 trophies of European competitions' winners, 6 regional (South-European, Balkans or former Yugoslav) leagues, 62 titles of champion of SFR Yugoslavia, FR Yugoslavia, Serbia and Montenegro or Montenegro and 46 national cup trophies. Except that, Budućnost Podgorica was named as The Best Club of Yugoslavia four times.

Budućnost Football Club[edit]

  • National Championships: 2 (2007–08, 2011–12)
  • National Cups: 1 (2012–13)

Budućnost Women Football Club[edit]

  • National Championships: 2 (2008-09, 2009–10)

Budućnost Women Handball Club[edit]

  • EHF Champions League: 2 (2011–12, 2014–15)
  • EHF Cup Winners' Cup: 3 (1984–85, 2005–06, 2009–10)
  • EHF Cup: 1 (1986–87)
  • National Championships: 28 (1984–85, 1988–89, 1989–90, 1991–92, 1992–93, 1993-1994, 1994–95, 1995–96, 1996–97, 1997–98, 1998–99, 1999-00, 2000–01, 2001–02, 2002–03, 2003–04, 2004–05, 2005–06, 2006–07, 2007–08, 2008–09, 2009–10, 2010–11, 2011–12, 2012–13, 2013–14, 2014–15, 2015–16)
  • National Cups: 21 (1983–84, 1988–89, 1994–95, 1995–96, 1996–97, 1997–98, 1999-00, 2000–01, 2001–02, 2004–05, 2005–06, 2006–07, 2007–08, 2008–09, 2009–10, 2010–11, 2011–12, 2012–13, 2013–14, 2014–15, 2015–16)
  • Women Regional Handball League: 5 (2009–10, 2010–11, 2011–12, 2012–13, 2013–14)
  • The Best Club of Yugoslavia award: 4 (1984–85, 1986–87, 1992–93, 1997-98)

Budućnost Handball Club[edit]

  • National Championships: 2 (2008–09, 2009–10)

Budućnost Basketball Club[edit]

  • National Championships: 13 (1998–99, 1999-00, 2000–01, 2006–07, 2007–08, 2008–09, 2009–10, 2010–11, 2011–12, 2012–13, 2013–14, 2014–15, 2015–16)
  • National Cups: 12 (1995–96, 1997–98, 2000–01, 2006–07, 2007–08, 2008–09, 2009–10, 2010–11, 2011–12, 2013–14, 2014–15, 2015-16)

Budućnost Women Basketball Club[edit]

  • National Championships: 9 (2002–03, 2003–04, 2006–07, 2007–08, 2011–12, 2012–13, 2013–14, 2014–15, 2015–16)
  • National Cups: 8 (2006–07, 2007–08, 2010–11, 2011–12, 2012–13, 2013–14, 2014–15, 2015-16)
  • Regional Adriatic League: 1 (2015–16)

Budućnost Volleyball Club[edit]

  • National Championships: 5 (2001–02, 2004–05, 2005–06, 2006–07, 2007–08)
  • National Cups: 4 (2000–01, 2006–07, 2007–08, 2008-09)

Budućnost Women Volleyball Club[edit]

  • National Championships: 1 (2011–12)


Just like in the other former-Yugoslav states, where football is the most attended sport, Football Club Budućnost is a most popular sports society in Podgorica and Montenegro. Among them, the biggest attendance during the whole history had FK Budućnost, KK Budućnost and ŽRK Budućnost.

With record attendance during the 70's and 80's, when their games in Podgorica watched up to 20,000 fans, matches of FK Budućnost today are the most attended in Montenegrin First League. Traditionally, Budućnost is most watched guest team in the same competition.
With continuously full stands at the European games (avg. attendance 5,000), [3][4] ŽRK Budućnost is club with highest average attendance in the history of Women EHF Champions League.
Since the 80's, KK Budućnost is another popular club, whose important games are watched by full-stands in the Morača sports hall. Today, home of KK Budućnost are among the most attended in regional ABA League. At 90's, in the time when Budućnost earned first trophies and played first games in Euroleague, their matches were attended by 7,000 spectators. Since 2004, capacity of Morača hall is reduced.
In the period 1999-2004, extremely popular were games of Volleyball Club Budućnost. Their final match for the first title in club's history (2001–02)[5] against Budvanska Rivijera Budva in Podgorica is watched by 7,500 spectators. That was a historically record attendance in Yugoslav volleyball club competitions.


Varvari at a Montenegrin First League home match

Buducnost ultras are known as Varvari (Barbarians), a group founded in 1987.[6] The group's traditional colours are blue and white, which are also the colours of all the Budućnost sports clubs.
Today, Varvari are attending football, basketball and handball matches. During the past, they attended matches of volleyball club, too.
For FK Budućnost Podgorica home games, Varvari occupy the northern stand (Sjever) of the Podgorica city stadium. They also have a reserved stand at the Morača Sports Center, as supporters of KK Buducnost basketball club.[7] The focal point for the group during the late 1990s was the basketball club, which started investing heavily while the football club toiled in the lower half of the table.
Since foundation years, Varvari gained a reputation of violent group, and in the recent history they made a few biggest accidents on the football matches. At First League 2004-05 game Budućnost - Partizan Belgrade, flares, blocks, construction materials and similar objects were thrown from the North stand to the pitch and match was abandoned for 15 minutes. Year later, game Budućnost - Crvena Zvezda Belgrade was suspended for two hours after home supporters (Varvari) threw tear gas on the pitch and, after that, attacked visitors' ultras.[8][9] On the spring 2006, there was a crowd violence on the local rivals game Budućnost - Zeta.[10] In the Montenegrin First League, numerous matches of FK Budućnost were suspended due to crowd violence or crowd-invasion to the pitch. During the last seasons, there was an escalation of violence on Montenegrin Derby games.
They are the best organised and largest fan group in Montenegro. According to many fan magazines from the Balkan they are the only fans in Montenegro who are on the level of the largest fan groups from ex-Yugoslavia.[11]

Venues and facilities[edit]

SD Budućnost clubs are playing their games in the main sport objects in Podgorica. Notable grounds are Stadion Pod Goricom and Morača Sports Hall.
Below is list of venues and facilities used by clubs under Budućnost Sports Society.

Venue Built Renov Capacity Sports Tennants
Stadion Pod Goricom 1947 2006 15,230 football FK Budućnost, ŽFK Budućnost
Morača Sports Hall 1983 2005 4,570 basketball, handball, voleyball, karate KK Budućnost, ŽRK Budućnost, OK Budućnost, KK Budućnost
Ljubović Shooting Center 1981 - 700 shooting SK Budućnost
Boxing center Njegošev park 1960 - - boxing, MMA BK Budućnost, SBK Budućnost, JJK Budućnost, BJJK Budućnost
Morača Sports Center (Combat sports hall) 1983 - - judo, karate, taekwondo, sambo KK Budućnost, JK Budućnost, TK Budućnost, SK Budućnost
Morača Sports Center (Small hall) 1983 - - kendo KK Budućnost
Aikido hall Ljubović 2012 - - aikido AK Budućnost
Tološi stadium 1964 2002 1,000 football, rugby RK Budućnost
Medicine School hall 2006 - 1,050 volleyball OK Budućnost, ŽOK Budućnost
Equestrian sports center (Gornja Gorica) 2005 - - horsing SKK Budućnost
ŠK Budućnost hall 2008 - - chess ŠK Budućnost
House of basketball (Donji Kokoti) 2010 - - basketball KK Budućnost, ŽKK Budućnost
Basketball court Njegošev park 1955 2000 1,200 basketball KK Budućnost
FK Budućnost training ground (Stari Aerodrom Camp) 2008 - 800 football FK Budućnost
Mareza training ground 2001 - - football FK Budućnost


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