Bulgaria in the Eurovision Song Contest 2011

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Eurovision Song Contest 2011
Country  Bulgaria
National selection
Selection process National Final
50% Televoting
50% Jury
Selection date(s) 23 February 2011
Selected entrant Poli Genova
Selected song "Na inat"
Finals performance
Semi-final result Failed to qualify (12th)
Bulgaria in the Eurovision Song Contest
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Bulgaria participated in the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 in Düsseldorf, Germany.[1][2] Bulgaria selected their entry through a televised national final, organised by Bulgarian broadcaster Bulgarian National Television (BNT). This was the country's seventh participation in the contest since 2005.[3]

Selection procedure[edit]

BNT officially unveiled the rules of the Bulgarian selection for Eurovision 2011.[4]

The rules published in the official website of the TV mentioned that the songs have to be Bulgarian national product and should not have been published before 1 September 2010. The songs can be submitted until 9 February.[5]

The so-called Academy will take part in the selection, consisting of at least 31 members elected by the BNT. It will be attended by composers, poets, producers, performers, music educators, media, advertising agencies and professional organizations. They will present their proposals for implementation with an official letter to the chairman of the academy. Members of the Academy will receive questionnaires in which they are entitled to make proposals for the three performers who they like to see in Düsseldorf.

Performers ranked top ten must submit up to three songs for the finale, which means that it is possible to compete up to 30 songs. At the final representatives of the Academy will vote among with the spectators. Each will have a 50% vote.

The winner will be the performer with the song gathered the most points by joint ballot.

The 19 finalists (by running order in the final):

Draw Artist Song Result
1 Wickeda "Blue Cotton Levi's" 18
2 Plamena Petrova "Bez Teb" 14
3 032 "On Air" 7
4 Simona Sivanio & Sprint "The New Earth" 15
5 Vlado Dimov "Sjanka" 18
6 Rut Koleva "Fever" 11
7 Jerihon "Smile" 12
8 Elmira Kostova "Mome Hubava" 9
9 5-te Sezona "Take My Hand" 8
10 Mona "Teen Life" 3
11 D2 "Glorious Twist" 6
12 Lazar Kisiov "Zamestitel" 4
13 Cvetelina Chendova "Luxury Hotel" 16
14 Stanny Brown ft. Naso "I Know" 17
15 Poli Genova "Na Inat" 1
16 Boyan Mihailov "Nestinari" 10
17 Milena Slavova "Fire In My Hair" 2
18 Jakob "Wicked Way of Love" 5
19 Emilia Valenti "Plenqvash me" 13

At Eurovision[edit]

Bulgaria competed in the 2nd Semi Final or the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 on Thursday, 12 May. The country did not qualify for the final, but achieved joint 12th place in the semi-final with Slovakia. Both countries managed to receive 48 points.

Points Awarded by Bulgaria[6][edit]

Points Awarded to Bulgaria (Semi-Final 2)
12 points 10 points 8 points 7 points 6 points
5 points 4 points 3 points 2 points 1 point


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