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The CNBC Ticker is a computer simulation of ticker tapes used by the American business news-oriented television network CNBC (as well as its international sister channels), that is displayed as a crawl on the lower part of the television screen. The CNBC Ticker shows security and index symbols in the manner of the ticker tapes that received information by telegraph.

The security identifiers used on the CNBC Ticker are taken from nomenclatures used by third-party companies like Reuters or from global stock exchanges.

The ticker is composed of a faster-scrolling upper band with a white background and a slower-scrolling lower band with a dark blue background for all CNBC channels. In addition for some channels, such as CNBC Europe; CNBC-e; CNBC Arabiya and Class CNBC, a third business news band is displayed in gray with a black background.

The ticker is shown throughout the duration of financial news programming on CNBC's domestic and international channels, including national commercial breaks. However, in the United States and Canada, advertisements that are locally inserted by cable television providers may be shown full-screen, omitting the ticker from being displayed during local breaks (as of 2013, all ad inserts by cable television providers, as well as satellite television providers DirecTV and Dish Network are now shown full-screen).

Upper band[edit]

On this picture the upper band shows "BMY 17.1K@25.88▲.41", which means BMY's (Bristol-Myers) last transaction was of 17.1K (17,100) shares @ (at) a bid price of 25.88 USD with a positive difference of .41 USD. The positive difference is shown by the green color. Red means the difference is negative, i.d., the bid price went down, and dark blue or black means UNCH (unchanged bid price). This particular ticker display was used until the December 19, 2005 relaunch, but was reinstated on July 12, 2006.

CNBC Market Summary[edit]

The upper band shows a CNBC Market Summary every 20 minutes on the 1's, with the symbols of the main indices, in the following types:

Commodity Summary[edit]

The ticker also shows a Commodity Summary :

Complete list of commodity futures shown in the CNBC Ticker's Commodity Summary:

Delivery Month Codes
1st quarter 2nd quarter 3rd quarter 4th quarter
January F April J July N October V
February G May K August Q November X
March H June M September U December Z

Since 2005-12-19, full commodity names are displayed alongside the ticker symbols.


During market hours, the ticker displays symbols of company stocks with high trading volumes of the New York Stock Exchange. After market hours it shows an alphabetic list of those symbols. Those symbols have usually three letters, for example:

Some symbols also have one or two letters, for example:

Since December 19, 2005, the full company names are displayed alongside the ticker symbols.

Lower band[edit]


The lower band shows the stock symbols of the NASDAQ Stock Market and of the American Stock Exchange, for example:

From May 2007 to February 2010, Powershares ETF symbols, which trade along the lower band of the ticker, were highlighted in orange.

AccuWeather forecast[edit]

During the CNBC U.S. morning programs Worldwide Exchange and Squawk Box, the lower band shows weather forecasts of American and European cities provided by State College, Pennsylvania-based forecasting company AccuWeather; three-letter or two-letter abbreviations are used to identify each city that differ somewhat from the IATA location identifiers for cities (due to factors like multiple airports in a city or the airport abbreviation standing for the airport name rather than the city), for example:

As of January 2016, the weather forecasts are no longer shown on the lower band of the CNBC ticker.

Sports Scores[edit]

In 2009, sports scores from the previous day were added to the lower band.

News Headlines[edit]

During Street Signs, Worldwide Exchange and Squawk Box (during the 6 and 7 a.m. ET hours only), business news headlines are displayed in addition to sports scores (see above).

Fast Money[edit]

During the CNBC program Fast Money, the traders' names, along with their respective disclosures, their stock predictions, and viewers' take on their respective stocks via Sprint's text messaging service (which the latter was highlighted in green) were displayed. This particular feature, which was seen only during Sportscenter, was discontinued effective October 10, 2007.

CNBC News Flash[edit]

A breaking business news story (for example, "THE FEDERAL RESERVE BOARD CUTS INTEREST RATES BY A QUARTER POINT") is displayed every two minutes, following the "CNBC News Flash" animation.

CNBC Europe Ticker[edit]

CNBC Europe also broadcasts a similar ticker to the ticker seen on CNBC U.S. It contains information from the major stock exchanges in Western Europe and Scandinavia, including prominently, the London Stock Exchange, the Euronext Paris Exchange, and the Deutsche Börse. Unlike the U.S. ticker prior to December 2005, the full stock names have always been displayed for European shares, not symbols. The ticker used by CNBC Europe does, however, use the same symbols for American companies as CNBC U.S. (the full names are now displayed as well). The information for the European ticker is provided by Thomson Reuters (formerly by Moneyline Telerate), and this is regularly promoted on the ticker (appearing approximately every two minutes on the upper band).

During the network's graphical relaunch on March 1, 2010, the green and red colours of the ticker text to show the stock's direction were dropped, however the arrows remain coloured. In March 2010, the ticker switched to a three-band display; The ticker switched back to a two-band display after widescreen transitioning on March 27, 2014.

The CNBC Europe Ticker contains information as follows (the times shown are GMT/BST):

  • Asian Market Day (00:00–06:00) – Upper band (U.S. and Asian Best, Worst and Most Actives); Lower band (Europe Recaps, Currencies, Commodities)
  • Pre-Market (06:00–08:00) – Upper band (U.S. recaps, Asian Most Actives); Lower band (Europe Recaps)
  • Market Open (08:00–09:30, 16:00–16:30); Upper band (Live Trades); Lower band (Stoxx 50 and Eurostoxx 50 Components, Most Actives)
  • Market Day (09:30–14:30); Upper band (Live Trades); Lower band (Best and Worst performers)
  • U.S. Market Open (14:30–16:00) – Upper band (Europe Live Trades); Lower band (NYSE / NASDAQ Live Trades, CNBC Europe U.S. Market Summary (see CNBC Market Summary above); Lower band (business news)
  • Post Market (16:20–19:00) – Upper band (Actives) Lower band (Winners and Losers)
  • U.S. Market Afternoon (19:00–21:00) – A simulation of the ticker used on CNBC U.S., the ticker displayed on the programme contains similar data and format to the U.S. version of the CNBC Ticker; since March 2012, the lower band displays Winners and Losers of European Indices. The format is slightly different, in terms of fonts used, and the CNBC Europe DOG is displayed, in full colour; no sponsorship is displayed on the ticker.
  • Post U.S. Market (21:00–22:00) – Upper band (U.S. Winners and Losers); Lower band (Europe Winners and Losers)
  • Weekend occasions – Upper band (most active stocks from the previous trading week); Lower band ("Gainers and Losers" from the previous trading week)

The ticker has been displayed continuously during the commercial breaks since 2001.

Visual properties of the CNBC Europe ticker[edit]

  • Size: Every band is 960px wide and 48 pixels high(in 1080i view), left justified along with CNBC logo and DOG clock.
  • Speed: Upper band passed 144px/sec, lower band passed 108px/sec.
  • There is a 85-pixel-transparent zone below the ticker.

Ticker used through CNBC Asia Programming[edit]

During CNBC Asia programming, the CNBC Asia ticker and bug bar of CNBC Asia is displayed (see below).

CNBC Europe Ticker outside CNBC Europe[edit]

Outside Europe, the CNBC Europe ticker is only shown on CNBC World (during European programming and the Fast Money Halftime Report).

CNBC-e Ticker[edit]

CNBC-e used a ticker similar to CNBC Europe, which is only shown throughout the business day. The ticker was continuously shown during commercial breaks during the business day. Normally, the ticker was displayed in a three-line format, except when the Istanbul Stock Exchange was not in session, during which the ticker was reduced to two lines. Unlike CNBC Europe, CNBC-e ticker was not sponsored, but CNBC-e business day shows and programs were. Ticker contained as follows: (times are Turkish official standard/summer time)

  • Squawk Box (7:00–8:15) – Upper band (Worldwide Markets); Middle band (ISE Stocks; in alphabetical order); Lower band (Business News; separated by NBC logo)
  • ISE Pre-Market (8:15–9:15) – Upper band (Futures, Bonds); Middle band (ISE Stocks; in alphabetical order). Lower band (Business News; separated by NBC logo)
  • ISE Market Hours (9:15–12:30 and 13:30–18:00) – Upper band (Futures, Bonds, Most Actives, Winners and Losers); Middle band (ISE Stocks; in alphabetical order); Lower band (Business News; separated by NBC logo).
  • ISE Lunch Break (12:30–13:30) – Upper band (Worldwide Markets); Middle band (ISE Stocks; in alphabetical order); Lower band (Business News; separated by NBC logo)

Every 15 minutes, a disclaimer appeared on the middle band

All data broadcast under the ECoI trademark is copyrighted and may not be rebroadcast nor republished. ECoI is a trademark of Borsa Istanbul.

CNBC World Ticker[edit]

CNBC World shows the CNBC Ticker with the CNBC World logo.

During Asian market programming, the CNBC Asia ticker is displayed (times are GMT/BST):

  • Asia Before Open (23:00–1:00) – Upper band (Worldwide Markets, close); Lower band (Bonds, Currencies, Interest Rates; this is addition to the CNBC Asia Ticker)
  • Asia Market Open (1:00–6:00) – Upper band (Asian Markets, showing most actives); Lower band (Bonds, Currencies, Interest Rates; this is addition to the CNBC Asia Ticker)

During European market programming, the CNBC Europe Ticker is displayed (times are GMT/BST):

  • Pre-Market (06:00–08:00) – Upper band (U.S. recaps, Asian Most Actives); Lower band (Europe Recaps)
  • Market Open (08:00–11:00 and 16:00–16:30) – Upper band (Live Trades); Lower band (Most Actives)
  • Post Europe Market (16:30–17:00) – Upper band (Winners and Losers); Lower band (Most Actives)

CNBC Asia Ticker[edit]

CNBC Asia also uses a two-line ticker of similar design to the Europe feed's ticker. Early in the morning, the top bar features the listed stocks from major market indexes from New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq (DOW 30 and NASDAQ 100), as well as pre-trade stocks from stock exchanges across Asia-Pacific. As the Asian trading day begins, the top bar generally provides the most actively traded shares in the region where each country's stock data will be reflected once a given market opens. Exceptions to this are on CNBC's Singapore and Australian feeds, in which the top bar exclusively features stock information for their respective local stock markets. The bottom bar provides market indices, currencies, bonds and commodity prices.

From 20.00 until 06.00 HK/SIN time, CNBC Asia simulates the old CNBC U.S. ticker (the version displaying only stock symbols) with no Commodity Summary. The information for this ticker is also provided by Thomson Reuters. Like CNBC U.S. and CNBC Europe, CNBC Asia also keeps its ticker on-screen during commercial breaks, having done so since 2001. If US markets are on holiday, CNBC Asia ticker shows listed stocks from European indices (FTSE 100 and CAC 40).

CNBC TV18 Ticker[edit]

CNBC TV18 uses a two-line ticker. The ticker is used also on weekends. As the NSE trading day begins, the top bar provides the large cap stocks, and bottom bar shows midcap stocks. From 18:00 (IST), the ticker shows the news headlines at the top, and at the bottom all NSE stocks. If there is a breaking story, then the top bar would change into red/yellow bar showing the story.

Nikkei CNBC Ticker[edit]

Nikkei CNBC uses a ticker for Tokyo Stock Exchange prices and a flipper for indices, commodites and currencies. During CNBC U.S., Europe and Asia simulcasts, it shows CNBC Asia's ticker.

CNBC Arabiya Ticker[edit]

CNBC Arabiya generally uses a three-line ticker similar to the European one from 2010.

Class CNBC Ticker[edit]

Class CNBC uses a three-line ticker during weekdays and a two-line ticker during weekend, nights and news bulletins on La7. Displayed as a three-line ticker, the white top bar features the listed stocks from Italian Stock Exchange, the blue middle bar shows major market indexes around the world, and the brown bottom bar shows news headlines from MF Dow Jones News. The two-line version of the ticker shows the top bar and middle bar of the three-line version.

Like CNBC U.S., CNBC Europe and CNBC Asia, Class CNBC also keeps its ticker on-screen during commercial breaks on weekdays; stock information is also provided by Thomson Reuters. Like CNBC Europe and its CNBC Life programming block, the ticker does not appear during Class Life programming on weekends.

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