2005 California's 5th congressional district special election

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On March 8, 2005, a special election was held in the California's 5th congressional district to choose a U.S. Representative to replace Bob Matsui, who had died of pneumonia shortly after being re-elected in the 2004 elections. Matsui's wife, Doris, was quickly able to win support from the Democratic Party officials, and ended up winning over two-thirds of the vote in the special primary election, meaning a run-off would not be needed.


California's 5th congressional district special election, 2005[1]
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Doris Matsui 56,175 67.65
Democratic Julie Padilla 7,158 8.62
Republican John Flynn 6,559 7.90
Republican Serge Chernay 3,742 4.51
Republican Michael O'Brien 2,591 3.12
Republican Shane Singh 1,753 2.11
Republican Bruce Stevens 1,124 1.35
Green Pat Driscoll 976 1.18
Independent Leonard Padilla 916 1.10
Democratic Charles Pineda 659 0.79
Libertarian Gale Morgan 451 0.54
Peace and Freedom John Reiger 286 0.34
Democratic Lara Shapiro (write-in) 6 0.01
Invalid or blank votes 637 0.77
Total votes 83,033 100.0
Turnout   27.72
Democratic hold


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