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This article is about natives of the Caribbean. For other uses, see Caribbean (disambiguation).
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Total population
39 million +
Regions with significant populations

Mainly Spanish, French, French-based creole languages (Haitian Creole, Antillean Creole), English, English-based creole languages (Jamaican Creole, Jamaican Patois, Trinidadian Creole, Sranan Tongo, etc.), Papiamento

Minority Dutch, Caribbean Hindustani
Predominantly: Minority:
Related ethnic groups
Afro-Caribbean, Chinese Caribbean, White Caribbean, Indo-Caribbean

A Caribbean person or West Indian is a native or inhabitant of the Caribbean region or a person of Caribbean descent. The Caribbean region was initially populated by Amerindians from several different Carib and Arawak groups. These groups were decimated by a combination of overwork and disease brought by European colonizers. [1]


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