Casa-Voyageurs railway station

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محطة الدار البيضاء المسافرين
A train at the platform
Location Casablanca
Coordinates 33°35′22.4″N 7°35′27″W / 33.589556°N 7.59083°W / 33.589556; -7.59083Coordinates: 33°35′22.4″N 7°35′27″W / 33.589556°N 7.59083°W / 33.589556; -7.59083
Owned by Kingdom of Morocco
Operated by ONCF
Platforms 8
Connections Casablanca Tramway Line T1
Opened 1923

Casa-Voyageurs railway station (Arabic: محطة الدار البيضاء المسافرين‎) is an ONCF (French: Office national des chemins de fer, "Moroccan National Railway") station in the centre of Casablanca.

The station is served by suburban and long-distance trains. It is Casablanca's principal station, the other is Casa-Port. It is an important hub connecting several main lines of the Moroccan railway network.

The other station in the city is Casa-Port, but that is not on the main North-South line and offers only local connections to nearby destinations and the Mohammed V International Airport.


The station was built by the Compagnie des chemins de fer du Maroc (CFM) in 1923, under the French protectorate of Morocco. It has 8 platforms.

It is the largest railway hub in the country, serving direct trains within Morocco (Aïn Sebaâ, Fes, Khouribga, Marrakech, Rabat, Tangier) and Casablanca's Mohammed V International Airport.

When the TangierKenitra LGV line opens in 2018, Casa-Voyageurs will become the terminus for the TGV service to Tangier with a journey time estimated at 2 hours, 10 minutes.[1]


From Casa Voyageurs direct services are available to and from:

Local transport[edit]

The station connects with Casablanca Tramway Line T1, the tram stop is in front of the station. It is served by M'dina Buses and by taxis.


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