Center of Studies of Social Undertakings

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The Center of Studies of Social Undertakings (Spanish: Centro de Estudios de Emprendimientos Solidarios), CEES-UC, is part of the Faculty of Social Sciences of the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile. Its mission is to contribute to the development of social action organizations and the activities they carry out, by way of reflection, investigation and continuous multidisciplinary education.

The center is directed by Professor (Spanish: docente) Ana Maria Haz M.A., and its academic directors are Teresa Matus Ph.D. and René Ríos M.Sc.

The activities of the center include processes to certify the quality of actions and social programs, courses of improvement for professionals and technicians in the social field, free open seminars on topics relevant to social organizations, the publication of material which can be downloaded from the center's website, and podcasts of presentations made as part of the center's activities.

The center is the product of the joint work of the academic units of the Faculty of Social Sciences: School of Psychology, School of Social Work and the Institute of Sociology.


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