Chitradurga Aeronautical Test Range

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Chitradurga Aeronautical Test Range (ATR) is an out-door testing and evaluating facility being set up by DRDO exclusively for unmanned and manned aircraft.

Chitradurga ATR is located at Voru Kaval in Challakere taluka of Chitradurga district on a 4,290 acre plot.[1][2] The land was bought by Ministry of Defence from the state government for Rs.12 crore (Rs.120 million) in a deal negotiated in 2008.[3] The project is being set up with a planned investment of Rs 1300 Crores.[4] The project envisages a runway beside other tracking and control equipments and a rail link to the facility have also been planned. Chitradurga ATR is intended to conduct the trials of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), air-to-ground weapons, parachutes and aerostats.[5] It has been planned not to utilize Chitradurga ATR for test flight of ballistic missiles.

The Chitradurga ATR was partially activated on 15 December 2010.[6][7]

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