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Choi Jong-won
Born (1950-01-27) January 27, 1950 (age 68)
Sangjang-myeon, Samcheok, Gangwon Province, South Korea
Education Seoul Drama School
Kyungwoon University - Journalism and Mass Communication
Occupation Actor, politician
Agent SP Entertainment
Spouse(s) Jung Young-ae
Children 2 daughters[1]
Korean name
Revised Romanization Choe Jong-won
McCune–Reischauer Ch'oe Chong-wŏn

Choi Jong-won (born January 27, 1950) is a South Korean actor and politician. Choi began his acting career in theater, then made his screen debut in 1978 and became known as a veteran actor of stage, film and television of over forty years.[2][3][4][5] He won Best Supporting Actor at the Grand Bell Awards in 1995 for the Joseon-era period drama The Eternal Empire.

Choi entered politics in 2004, when he ran and lost in the 17th National Assembly elections as an Uri Party candidate. He ran again in the by-elections on July 28, 2010 under the Democratic Party, where he won as the lawmaker representing Gangwon Province (Taebaek, Jeongseon, Yeongwol, and Pyeongchang) in the 18th National Assembly.[6][7] On September 16, 2010, Choi was elected as the head of DP's Gangwon provincial chapter.[8][9]



Year Title Role
1979 Grave Wood
The Third Han River Bridge
1980 White Smile
1982 Late Autumn
The Chrysanthemum and the Clown
1984 The Woman Shot the Man
The Fear of Ancestral Rites
Sadness Even in the Sky
1985 The Tiger Butterfly Is Lonely at Dusk
Madame Aema 3
1989 Come Come Come Upward Bi-gu
Gagman Taxi driver
Shock Continues Long
1990 Oseam
Mayumi Choi Kang-il
The Dream Pyeong-mok
My Love, My Bride Pastor
1991 Stairways of Heaven Detective agency employee
Things that Sadden My Wife Prosecutor
Fly High Run Far
The Mulberry Field Traveler
1992 Kim's War Homeroom teacher
The World Is Beautiful Enough to Live In Choon-sik
A Keeper of the Heart
1993 First Love Park Young-shin's father
The Supreme Order Lee Hwa-ryong
Seopyeonje Cheon-ga
Two Cops Tae-seong
1994 The Eternal Empire Sim Hwan-ji
The Man of 49 Days Detective 1
Rosy Life Company president Han
The Taebaek Mountains
How to Top My Wife Hit man
1995 Bitter and Sweet
Gun and Gun Kim Nun-seok
The Hair Dresser Rosen Lee
Who Drives Me Crazy Hwang Dal-soo
Millions in My Account
1996 Seven Reasons Why Beer Is Better Than a Lover Video shop owner
Karuna Yang Cheon-soo
1996 Mulberry Sam-bo
Love Story Sung-woo's office story
Jungle Story Senior colleague
The Adventures of Mrs. Park (cameo)
1997 The Rocket Was Launched
The Audition Director Jin
Father Mr. Park
Destiny Director Choi
1998 The Happenings Jang Deok-bae
2000 Pisces Department head Choi
2001 Love Her Owner
Paradise Villa Taxi driver
2005 Blood Rain Royal emissary Choi
Princess Aurora Chief of detective squad
2006 Hanbando Kim Hong-soon
Traces of Love Seo Min-joo's father
2008 Santamaria Old man Mr. Shin
Summer Whispers[10] Professor Noh
2010 Le Grand Chef 2: Kimchi Battle Ja-woon
2011 The Client[11] Professor Ahn
2014 A Dynamite Family Father

Television series[edit]

Year Title Role Network
1995 Jazz Boss Kang SBS
1996 Papa Shin Shin-ho KBS2
Reporting for Duty Woo Myung-do KBS2
When the Salmon Returns Young-chae's father SBS
1997 The Angel Within KBS2
1998 Six Children MBC
The King and the Queen Han Myung-hoi KBS1
2000 Three Friends MBC
Did You Ever Love? KBS2
2001 Pretty Woman Director Dokgo KBS2
2002 Sunlight Upon Me MBC
Age of Innocence Uncle SBS
2003 Drama City "The Barley Field" Choi Young-dal KBS2
She Is Cool KBS2
2006 Seoul 1945 Lee In-pyung KBS1
Special of My Life Baek-Gom-Pa[12] boss MBC
Cloud Stairs Doctor Byun KBS2
2007 MBC Best Theater "Bong-jae Returns" Park Bong-jae MBC
Auction House Heo Myung-hwan MBC
2008 King Sejong the Great Ha Ryun KBS1
Daughter-in-Law Ma Pyung-moon SBS
2009 Hometown Legends "The Quiet Village" Chief minister KBS2
Hot Blood Ha Ryu's father KBS2
2010 The Reputable Family Choi Won-young KBS1
2014 Gunman in Joseon[13] Kim Jwa-young KBS2
Drama Special
"The Girl Who Became a Photo"[14]
Min Sung-taek KBS2
Healer[15] Park Jung-dae, the Elder KBS2
2016 Monster Jo Ki-ryang MBC
Sweet Stranger and Me Chairman Kwon KBS2
2017 Untouchable Goo Yong-chan jTBC
2018 Mr. Sunshine Heungseon Daewongun tvN


Year Title Role
The Little Prince
The Collector
The Merchant of Venice
King Lear Lear
Head of Dried Walleye Pollack
A Dwarf Launches a Little Ball
A Streetcar Named Desire
Death of a Salesman
You Can See Apgujeong-dong from Oksu-dong
The Unfilial Son Is Weeping
99 품바
Beautiful Street
1980 Father's Sea
1983 Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? George
1985 Annie
1992 Marvelous Guys
2000 Guys and Dolls[16]
The Beautiful Distance[17]
2002 Years of a Mother's Love
2009 American Buffalo Don
2012 The Watch (Heavenly Clock) King Sejong
2013 Marriage Butler
It Was a Little Darkness in the Hole of a Wooden Gong Mang-ryeong

Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Award Category Nominated work Result
1980 Korea Theater Festival Best Actor Father's Sea Won
1983 20th Dong-A Theatre Awards Best Actor Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? Won
1985 Producers' Group Acting Awards Most Entertaining in Theater Annie Won
1989 13th Seoul Theater Festival Best Actor Won
1991 Love Theater Festival Best Actor Won
1995 33rd Grand Bell Awards Best Supporting Actor The Eternal Empire Won
1999 KBS Drama Awards Best Supporting Actor Won


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