Claisebrook railway station

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Location Graham Farmer Freeway, Brown Street, Claisebrook Road, Kensington Street, Edward Street
East Perth
Operated by Transperth Trains
Distance 1.3 km (0.8 mi) from Perth
Platforms 4 (1 island, 2 side)
Structure type Open Station
Other information
Station code MCK
Fare zone 1, SFTZ

Claisebrook is a Transperth railway station 1300 metres from Perth, in Western Australia, on the Armadale/Thornlie and Midland lines.


Opened in 1883 under the name East Perth, Claisebrook station is a busy junction along the Midland and Armadale/Thornlie lines due to both lines running through the station and the Claisebrook railway depot being next door.

In 1969, a new railway terminal was built 600 m away on the Midland line called East Perth, and caused this station to be renamed Claisebrook after a watercourse that is near the station.[1][2] Between 2002 and 2003 the station was mostly rebuilt with new station structures, signage, platform finishes and a footbridge.


The current platforms are currently in use at Claisebrook:

[2778] Claisebrook station platforms
Stop Platform Line Stopping pattern Destination Notes
99021 1 Armadale/Thornlie All stations Perth
99022 2 Armadale All stations, B, C Armadale
Thornlie T Thornlie
99023 3 Midland All stations Perth
99024 4 Midland All stations, A, B, P Midland

Bus connections[edit]

Claisebrook Station at night

Connections are available by Yellow CAT, which serves throughout East Perth, West Perth, and the City's centre corridor.

Stop Route Destination / description Notes
[16965] Claisebrook station Yellow CAT 3 Yellow CAT to West Perth via Wellington Street[3]
[16966] Fielder Street Northbound 905 Rail replacement service to Midland
907 Rail replacement service to Armadale
908 Rail replacement service to Thornlie
[16967] Fielder Street Southbound 905, 907, 908 Rail replacement service to Perth


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Coordinates: 31°56′58″S 115°52′22″E / 31.94954°S 115.872808°E / -31.94954; 115.872808

SmartRider Free Transit Zone

Preceding station   Transperth Trains network   Following station
SmartRider Free Transit Zone
towards Perth
Midland Line
All, B, P
Zone 1
towards Midland
Midland Line
Zone 1
towards Midland
Armadale Line
Zone 1
towards Armadale
Thornlie Line
Zone 1
towards Thornlie
Armadale Line
B, C
Zone 1
towards Armadale