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Cloverland is an African American neighborhood located on the south side of Houston, Texas, United States.

Cloverland was the home neighborhood for Lil Flip[1] and many other Houston rappers. In 2005, Cloverburger, a hamburger joint in the neighborhood located at 4515 Mowery Road, was the site of the T.I./Lil Flip altercation.[2]


Primary and secondary schools[edit]

Public schools[edit]

Cloverland is served by the Houston ISD.

Cloverland is zoned to:

Carnegie Vanguard High School an HISD 9-12 magnet, was located near Cloverland before it moved to the Fourth Ward.

KIPP: the Knowledge Is Power Program operates the KIPP Spirit College Preparatory School, a 5th Grade charter school, near Cloverland.

Postal services[edit]

The closest United States Postal Service post office is the Martin Luther King Post Office at 9444 Cullen Boulevard, 77051-9998.

Emergency services[edit]

Police services[edit]

The neighborhood is within the Houston Police Department's Southeast Patrol Division [1].

The Sunnyside Storefront Station, near Cloverland, is located at 3511 Reed Road [2].

Fire services[edit]

The Houston Fire Department Station 55 Sunnyside is near Cloverland at 11212 Cullen Boulevard at Selinski [3].


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