Cobalt (video game)

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Cobalt game logo.png
Developer(s) Oxeye Game Studio
Fatshark (Xbox 360 & Xbox One)
Publisher(s) Mojang[1]
Composer(s) Anosou Music (Mattias Häggström Gerdt)
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux, Xbox 360, Xbox One[2]
Release date(s)
  • TBA
Genre(s) Action-Sidescroller
Mode(s) Single-player, Multiplayer

Cobalt is an action-oriented side-scrolling video game in development by Oxeye Game Studio and published by Mojang. It is in public alpha and is currently being developed for Windows and Mac OS X. A Linux version is planned for beta. In addition to the computer versions, a port is being developed for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One.


Cobalt features several different game modes that are available, such as Capture the Plug (a variation of capture the flag), Deathmatch, TeamStrike (with one life each, inspired by Counter-Strike), Survival, and an upcoming Adventure mode. Along with these features, players can create their own maps with the map editor in-game.

You play as the main character, known as Cobalt. Some key mechanics of the game include bullet time, rolling (to deflect bullets) and punching which can deal damage and knock back explosives. All of which a player can combo together to produce an advanced level of play.



Cobalt was released in its alpha stage of development.[3] Updates to subsequent versions of the game are free. The alpha version was initially solely available for the Windows operating system. A Mac OS X version was released on June 27, 2013.[4]

The alpha version's main goals are:

  • Local multiplayer
  • Introducing both the single-player and co-op Adventure mode
  • Introducing the level editor


Additional features are planned for the beta stage including a fully working level editor (and multiple editors), in-game level sharing between players as well as the Mac OS X and Linux ports of the game. Of these, the editors and the OS X port have been released during the alpha stage.[3]


The final version of the game will include tools for sharing user-generated content, a complete main Adventure mode, and same computer multiplayer.

Xbox port[edit]

On August 20, 2013, a console port of Cobalt was announced during Microsoft's Xbox One event at Gamescom 2013. The game will be ported to the Xbox 360 and Xbox One by Fatshark.


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