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Codral is a brand name of cold and flu medication manufactured by Johnson & Johnson and sold primarily in Australia & New Zealand. Codral is the highest-selling cold and flu medication in Australia.[1]

Codral was originally an analgesic brand manufactured by Burroughs Welcome (Codral Tablets & Codral Forte Tablets), with the cold and flu products serving as a line extension; however, the analgesic brand slowly lost its popularity, leaving only the cold and flu products on the market.

Codral products include Codral Original Formula, containing pseudoephedrine, and Codral New Formula, which substitutes phenylephrine for pseudoephedrine. As pseudoephedrine is a chemical precursor to methamphetamine, Codral Original Formula is a Pharmacist Only Medicine, so it must be kept behind the counter and sold to the public with a pharmacist directly involved in the transaction. However, doubts have been raised as to the effectiveness of Phenylephrine as a replacement decongestant, with two studies published in 2009 [2][3] unable to distinguish between the effects of phenylephrine and a placebo.

Codral's slogan Soldier On is an enduring feature of its advertisements,[4] but as the medication allows cold sufferers to mask their symptoms, it is also associated with presenteeism, in the sense of showing up to work with a contagious illness, instead of taking sick leave.[5]


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