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In astronomy, the Collinder catalog is a catalog of 471 open clusters by Swedish astronomer Per Collinder. It was published in 1931 as an appendix to Collinder's paper On structural properties of open galactic clusters and their spatial distribution.[1] Catalog objects are denoted by Collinder, e.g. "Collinder 399". Dated prefixes include as Col + catalog number, or Cr + catalog number, e.g. "Cr 399".[2]

Notable objects[edit]

Some notable objects from the catalog are:


There are some errors in Collinder's list or references to it. For example:[3]

  • Cr 32 is the same as Cr 33
  • Cr 84 is not NGC 2175 as often mentioned (the NGC object is only the nebula) and its reality "is in some doubt"
  • the position for Cr 185 "is about 1m too far west and 10' too far north"
  • Cr 220 is not NGC 3247
  • Cr 234 is the southern part of Cr 233
  • Cr 240 is not NGC 3572 but includes it
  • Cr 249 is sometimes identified as being IC 2944 but is only associated with it, the latter being a nebula
  • The position for Cr 275 is off
  • Cr 371 is not NGC 6595
  • Cr 427 is not NGC 7023
  • Cr 429 is not NGC 7023 either, it actually does not exist
  • Cr 470 is not IC 5146

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