Cottontail Ranch

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Cottontail Ranch
The Cottontail Ranch in 2006.
The Cottontail Ranch in 2006. The "for sale" telephone number listed belongs to the adjacent Lida Junction Airport.[1]
Cottontail Ranch is located in Nevada
Cottontail Ranch
Cottontail Ranch
Location in Nevada
LocationLida Junction, Nevada
Coordinates37°30′03.1″N 117°11′06.95″W / 37.500861°N 117.1852639°W / 37.500861; -117.1852639Coordinates: 37°30′03.1″N 117°11′06.95″W / 37.500861°N 117.1852639°W / 37.500861; -117.1852639
OpenedOctober 1967

Cottontail Ranch was a legal, licensed brothel in Nevada that opened in October 1967. Located near the intersection of U.S. Route 95 and State Route 266 known as Lida Junction, in Esmeralda County, Nevada. It was also known as the Cottontail Ranch Club.


Another view of the brothel

In 1967, Howard Hughes allegedly made several visits to the Cottontail Ranch for entertainment while he was living in Las Vegas.[2]

In the 1970s, then madam Beverly Harrell battled with the United States Bureau of Land Management which was attempting to have the brothel removed from federal land.[3] Harrell also was a candidate for the Nevada Assembly in 1974. She published a book about the Ranch, An Orderly House, in 1975 (ISBN 0440058856).

A record, Coming My Way, was released in 1976 and was a collection of stories by the employees of the brothel.[4]

Howard Harrell operated the brothel before selling the Cottontail.

The Cottontail Ranch was closed in 2004 when the madam retired. All the real estate was purchased by real estate investor Lanny D. Love; Miss Love also purchased a luxury ranch called Lida Ranch a few miles from the brothel. And an additional 3,300 acres (1,300 ha) in a ghost town called Lida.[citation needed]

The property remains closed and is now available for sale.

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