Dadu District

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Dadu District

ضلعو دادو
Dadu is located in the east of Sindh
Dadu is located in the east of Sindh
 • District Nazim(ISF)
 • Total7,866 km2 (3,037 sq mi)
 • Total1,550,266
 • Density200/km2 (510/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+5 (PST)
Area code(s)025
Number of Tehsils4

Dadu District (Sindhi: دادو‎), (Urdu: دادو‎) is a district of Sindh Province, Pakistan. With headquarters the city of Dadu, the district was created in 1931[2][3] by merging Kotri and Mahal Kohistan (later Jamshoro) tehsils from Karachi District and Mehar, Khairpur Nathan Shah, Dadu, Johi and Sehwan tehsils from Larkana District.[4] IN 2004, several talukas in the south were split off to create the new Jamshoro District.[5] Its boundary touches with four districts of Sindh i.e. Jamshoro, Naushahro Feroze, Shaheed Benazirabad and Kamber Shahdadkot.[6]


The predominant first language is Sindhi, which as of 1998 was natively spoken by 98.3% of the population of the talukas of Dadu, Johi, Khairpur Nathan Shah and Mehar.[7]


District Dadu has four Talukas, as tabulated below,:[8][9]

Name Status Population

1998 Census


2017 Census

Number of

Union Councils

Dadu Taluka 327,972 460,481 15
Johi Taluka 207,383 294,848 10
Khairpur Nathan Shah Taluka 253,309 334,258 12
Mehar Taluka 318,053 460,679 15

The District has 14 Circles, 111 Tapa and 351 Dehs.

Places of interest[edit]


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Coordinates: 26°20′N 67°35′E / 26.333°N 67.583°E / 26.333; 67.583