Danielle Andropoulos

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Danielle Andropoulos
As the World Turns character
Portrayed by Joshua Dalin (1983)
Colleen Broomall (1983–91)
Kristanna Loken (1994)
Ashley Williams (1994–96)
Deidre Skiles (2008)
  • 1983–89
  • 1991
  • 1994–96
  • 2008
First appearance October 1983
Last appearance December 16, 2008
Occupation Criminologist
Forensic scientist
Residence Unknown
Colleen Broomall as Danielle Andropoulos
Ashley Williams as Danielle Andropoulos.png
Ashley Williams as Danielle Andropoulos

The fictional character Danielle Andropoulos is a resident of Oakdale on the American TV soap opera As the World Turns.

Character history[edit]

She was born when her mother Betsy Stewart was married to Craig Montgomery. Betsy thought she was Craig's child and he kidnapped her to keep Betsy near. Craig turned himself in to the police and Betsy married Steve Andropoulos, who was Danielle's natural father. Steven was later locked up in a Greek prison and Betsy took her daughter and left town.

Years later Betsy sent Danielle to live with her great-grandmother, Ellen Stewart. She came back as a troubled teen. When Kim Hughes tried to give her discipline, and told Betsy she needed to take responsibility for her daughter. Danielle later left town.

Danielle returned to Oakdale in 2008 and met her aunt Emily and her family. She was a forensics specialist for the Oakdale police department. She was surprised to learn of her aunt's activities with the young Casey Hughes. In late 2008, it was revealed that Dani returned to town at the behest of Craig Montgomery and that she wanted to get rid of Spencer McKay. Before Craig arrived in town, she used her police connections to frame Brad Snyder for the murder of Spencer McKay. When it was revealed that Spencer was alive, she briefly held Dani and Margo Hughes hostage, and Spencer escaped to points unknown. Before Dani left town, at Craig's requests, it was revealed that she and Craig were romantically involved.