Darjah Kerabat Diraja Malaysia

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Darjah Yang Maha Utama Kerabat Diraja Malaysia
Awarded by Malaysia
Type Order of Honour
Eligibility Malaysian rulers
Awarded for Coronation as the Yang DiPertuan Agong (king)
Status Active
Established 1966
Last awarded 2 June 2012
maximum 10 persons
Next (higher) Seri Pahlawan Gagah Perkasa
Next (lower) Darjah Utama Seri Mahkota Negara
MY Darjah Kerabat Diraja Malaysia - Royal Family Order of Malaysia - DKM.svg

The Darjah Kerabat Diraja Malaysia (D.K.M.) (Order of the Royal House of Malaysia) is a Malaysian Federal Award conferred to the Malay rulers who were appointed as the Yang Dipertuan Agong of Malaysia. Only 10 recipients may be awarded this honour.

The award was instituted on 18 April 1966 and gazetted on 30 June 1966. It only has one rank.


The D.K.M. comprises a collar, a star and a badge. The collar is made of gold-plated silver. The gold star is in a radial form with an embossed fern motive. The sash is made from red silk and the end is tied with a ribbon. The badge is also in a radial form and surmounted by a hibiscus. It suspends from the Malaysian Royal Crown.

The sash is worn from the left shoulder to the right hip.[1]

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