Dibër County

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Dibër County
Qarku Dibër
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Nature of Dibër
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Diber County in Albania.svg
Location of Dibër County within Albania.
Country  Albania
Municipalities 4
Villages 288
Established 2000
County Seat Peshkopi
 • Council Chairman Naim Gazidede
 • Total 2,586 km2 (998 sq mi)
Population (2016)
 • Total 134,153[1]
Time zone CET (UTC+1)
 • Summer (DST) CEST (UTC+2)
NUTS Code AL011
Website Official Website

Dibër County is a county in North Albania. The Dibër County borders on the Lezhë County in the northwest, Kukës County in the northeast, Republic of Macedonia in the east, Elbasan County in the southeast, Tirana County in southwest and Durrës County in the west.

The capital of Dibër County is Peshkopi. It is the only county capital in Albania that does not share its name with its county. Peshkopi lies east of the Black Drin river. The Drin valley is the lowest part of the district. Mineral ores such as chromium, sulphur, and marble have been discovered in the district. It is also an important industrial center in Albania, particularly in relation to the food industry.

The Mat is one of the biggest rivers in northern Albania. Its source is near Martanesh, in Dibër County. The territory is largely composed of mountains and hills, which has only been opened up by National Road 6, which links the coastal town of Milot with Peshkopi.


The region includes a part of the historical region of Dibra, the other part of which is now in Macedonia. The whole area is mountainous and several mountain ranges run in a north-south direction. The most known mountains include Mount Korab, the highest mountain in the country, Mali i Dejës and Lura Mountains.

The Lurë National Park encompasses 1,280 hectares on the eastern side of the Kunora e Lurës, the highest summit in the Lurë Mountains, which reaches a height of 2,119 m (6,952 ft) above sea level.[2] The park is renowned for its 12 lakes and wildlife that attract visitors year-round. The southern part of the park has a meadow of multi-color flowers and coniferous trees called the Field of Mares which offers scenic views. The park offers variety of possibilities for eco-tourism, winter sports, equitation, horse riding, and other activities.

The Dibër valley is a section of the Drin valley in the border region between Macedonia and Albania. The Dibër valley is fertile. Wolves and bears are still found in the large forests of the valley. A large portion of the inhabitants work in agriculture.

The Mat river is the most important waterway in the region along with Drin. There are also the reservoirs of Shkopet and Ulza in northwestern end of the area. The region, and especially the central part, is rich in chromium, which plays an important role in the economy of the country.

Administrative divisions[edit]

Until 2000, Dibër County was subdivided into three districts: Bulqizë, Dibër, and Mat. Since the 2015 local government reform, the county consists of the following 4 municipalities: Bulqizë, Dibër, Klos and Mat.[3] Before 2015, it consisted of the following 35 municipalities:

The municipalities consist of about 290 towns and villages in total. See Villages of Dibër County for a structured list.


Typical architecture in northeast Albania

According to the last national census from 2011 this county has 137,047 inhabitants. The population is Muslim and Christian and has rich traditions. They speak Gheg dialect.


Main article: Economy of Albania

The region is an important producer of chrome. Other industries include power generation and light industry. The region produces a large variety of agricultural products especially dairy products, nuts and fruits.


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